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Concerns over threat of drought & climate change in Afghanistan

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Concerns over reduction of rainfall and arriving drought is increasing in Afghanistan. Based on prediction of the country’s meteorology department, the rainfall range is low and the country’s farmers will probably face with agricultural problems.
Afghanistan state ministry for disaster management by expressing concern over signs of drought and reduction of rainfall for the year 1,400 solar calendar says the rainfall level has been 40mm in some parts of the country.
“This year’s rainfalls have been in very low level, meaning that some parts of the country has witnessed with only 40mm; therefore, we might witness drought in some parts of the country particularly north and north-eastern and teams have been tasked based on instruction from President and vice president,” said Ahmad Tamim Azimi, a spokesperson to state ministry of disaster management.
Afghanistan is an agricultural country as nearly 45 percent of its people are engaged in agriculture depending on water and rainfalls. According to officials for the country’s disaster management authority, Afghanistan requires 250 mm rainfalls to save from drought. A number of experts are concerning over repetition of drought of previous years.
They believe that reduction of rainfalls will probably result in increasing poverty, reduction in agricultural products and increasing displacements in the country.
“In the first and second step, our agriculture and then livestock are facing with lack of water, causing economic problems and increasing internal displacements,” said Abdul Wali Mudaqiq, former deputy of national disaster management authority.
The country’s meteorology department considers increasing greenhouse gases and population as key factors of reduction in rainfalls. Meanwhile, state ministry for disaster management is informing of preparations to address and control the possible drought in the country.
Afghanistan government officials say climate change in Afghanistan has changed to a serious threat as drought has increased in a number of the country’s provinces in the past few years.
Continued drought in Badghis, Farah and a number of the country’s south and south-western provinces has affected agricultural fields and livestock of farmers.
Afghan economic experts believe that global warming, reduction in rainfalls, lack of water and continued drought harm the country’s agricultural sector as surface water and underground water level has reduced in some parts of Kabul due to reduction in rainfalls and snowfall.
A number of the country’s farmers who are engaged in agriculture and raising livestock say the agriculture situation will be not good during the coming new year due to considerable reduction in rainfalls.
Based on the country’s meteorology department, the rainfall level has reduced by 35 percent comparing to last year.

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