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Concerns over increasing criminal offences in Kabul

shocking in criminal cases in Kabul

By: Shukria Kohistani

Increment of criminal activities in Kabul city cause people’s concern. Because even during the day they don’t continue their normal life and activities in calm atmosphere.
Criticizing police deal with capturing of thieves, these citizens say that because of not investigation of the complains of harmful people, even they are harassing from informing police about their complains.
A pharmacy owner, Hekmat says that all money and assets that were collected by me were stolen by few number of thieves and they fled by their car.
A number of others also say that unfortunately, in these days, the number of armed thieves have been increased in the city and the ministry of interior and related zones should pay further heed in ensuring of security, detain thieves and introduce them to the court. Otherwise, the people’s problems stem from insecurity would get increased.
One of Kabul citizens, Shuja in the connection says that if police comprehend their responsibility and don’t permit the thieves to flee and be punished, no one would dare to resort to theft.
He adds that unfortunately, today, those who are living in the city are not secure. Every day, armed thefts are continuing and thieves are commuting freely in the streets.
One of shopkeepers, Mohammad Yousuf in 5th district of Kabul city says that in this area, daily, we are witnessing of one or two such cases, especially during noon.
Because of harass,, every day I knot the door of my shop and leave for home.
Yousuf adds that between 11 am till one pm no one dares to commute in the area.
But, accepting the security problems existed in the lanes and by-lanes of the city, the incharges of police in this part of the city say that increment of people’s complain caused that the motivations of police for prevention of such cases also got momentum.
The spokesman of Kabul police, Ferdous Faramurz told media that in the sixth, third, 13th and 5th of security areas, the security problems are high but police are also not indifferent in the connection and didn’t fell short for arresting of thefts.
He says that within recent days majority of kidnapping bands and armed thieves were captured by police in those areas and to annihilate these bands completely, we are in need of people cooperation.
Faramurz continued that cooperation of people with police in the security areas of 13th, 6th and 5th in capturing of thefts were unfading so far and on the other, existence of lanes and by-lanes prepared the ground for increment of criminal activities.
A number of Kabul citizens say that they have no dare to raise their complains to police zones about existence of armed thefts.
According to them, if they complain in this respect, the security incharges respond is negative and they face to another problems.
These citizens claim that there would be some possibilities about collaboration of police with thefts. This also causes they do not refer to police incharges.
But, with refuting of such claims, the Kabul police spokesman added that it is changed into a topic and all say that police joined their hands with criminal bands, while serious behave of police with criminals proves the claim vice versa.
He stated that if the citizens to face with such cases, they should cooperate honestly with their security forces so that if some treacherous elements, were replaced themselves in the rows of police, we arrest and punish them.
With the trust that we have on our police, we pay heed to our people’s complains and brought vast changes in working mechanism of police.
The spokesman of Kabul police said that we took in our hand several practical roadmaps for reductions of criminal activities in the city.
He elucidated that collection of vehicles lack legal documents that play basic role in plundering, in coordination with traffic police of Kabul has begun that proved very useful in reduction of criminal activities.
He stated that establishment of city mobile investigating station day-night patrol in remotest areas of the city, investigation of armoured vehicles, capturing of narco-dealers and addicts and establishment of coordination with people for better and further cooperation of people with police are from among the roadmaps for reduction of criminal activities in Kabul city.
The spokesman of Kabul police, Faramurz in connection with the effectiveness of these programs said that daily, we arrest about 10 to 15 armed thieves and narco-dealers but despite this, we demand from people to help us seriously in the connection.

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