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Concerns over implementation of National Food Program & COVID-19 vaccines

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Following officially launching the implementation of the COVID19 vaccines granted by India, various groups such as Afghanistan National Defense and Security personnel, health staffs, journalists and teachers have been put in list to receive first doses of the vaccine in various provinces of the country.
Based on the program, all people in the list should receive the vaccines, but the process has faced with challenges raising concerns. For example, only seven teachers have received doses of COVID-19 vaccines in one of the country’s provinces, while all other teachers, headmasters and education employees have not received doses of the vaccine due to recent propaganda against the vaccine.
In Paktia, 12,370 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been delivered to the province so that health workers and ANDSF personnel are vaccinated. According to reports, at least 200 health workers and ANDSF personnel received the vaccines on daily basis.
Meanwhile, 2,500 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been allocated to Laghman, 30,076 doses to Kandahar and 20,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines allocated to Helmand for health workers and ANDSF personnel. Based on reports, no side effect has been seen in none of the country’s provinces, except a single death incident following implementation of the vaccine in Bamyan.
On the other hand, implementation process of National Food Program has raised concern of people in some provinces. In a number of the country’s provinces particularly Paktia and Takhar, Taliban has allowed implementation of the process, while powerful individuals in some other provinces have prevented from implementation of the process.
Meanwhile, Afghan experts believe that implementation process of the national food program has faced with security threats and lack of transparency from its start and the problems are still existing in a number of provinces.
Based on reports, lack of transparency in distribution process of food in Herat has been with backlash from residents of the province as most of miserable people in the province have been distributed the food based on the program. According to provincial director of the program in Herat, such complaints have been made and local government will address them.
Nearly 304 families have introduced to receive food in accordance to the program in Laghman, but they are still waiting and the program has not been implemented so far, while the process has stopped in Ghor due to increasing insecurities.
It seems that increasing insecurities, lack of transparency in distribution process of the national food program are considered as the main obstacle towards implementation of the program in a number of the country’s provinces. Nevertheless, the positive point in implementation of COVID-19 vaccines is the process has not faced with any considerable challenge and the process is going well.



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