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Concerns over growing Daesh presence in Afghanistan

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By: Lailuma Noori

US intelligence report has shown that Daesh threats in Afghanistan will get dangerous in Afghanistan.
According to the US intelligence report, Daesh’s Khorasan branch is active in Kabul, Nangarhar, Kunar and some parts in the north of Afghanistan.
“Newly unclassified intelligence suggests IS-Khorasan, as the group is known, is growing both in numbers and ambition, now” boasting as many as 5,000 fighters — nearly five times as many as estimates from last year — while turning its focus to bigger and more spectacular attack,” reveals the US intelligence report.
Meanwhile, the US and NATO forces general commander in Afghanistan said: “I think Daesh is a very dangerous organization. It’s dangerous again when you start talking about terrorism to the country of Afghanistan. It is very dangerous in the region. We have already seen the results of Daesh. It is dangerous to the world.”
General Director of Afghanistan National Directorate of Security (NDS) Masoum Stanekzai has also informed of growing Daesh in some parts of Afghanistan, saying that most fighters of Daesh’s Khorasan have been deployed from other countries to Afghanistan.
“The issue of Daesh is not a small issue in the level of Afghanistan. People are being hired from Central Asia to Afghanistan and other places,” said the NDS general director.
The Daesh’s Khorasan is the eastern branch of Daesh’s caliphate covering areas including Caucasus, Chechen, Dagestan, China’s Xinjiang state, north of India, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and even Philippines.
Growing of Daesh has raised concerns of various countries in the region in particular Russia as the number of the group is increasing day by day in some countries in the region. According to political experts, the second project after the western Asia is going to be implemented in a number of provinces in Afghanistan as Nangarhar, Helmand, Badakhshan and Faryab.
Daesh is focusing on these areas due to the fact that they can find natural financial resources as narcotics. They think if they cannot get financial assistance, ammunition and military equipment one day from their regional and western branches, they can find other channels in areas where they are operating.
Currently, Daesh is somehow active in Afghanistan, Pakistan and central Asian countries and seriously planning to organize widespread uprising against government, the issue which is not that much focused by media in our country.
From current general situation, it can be concluded that Afghanistan government’s counter terrorism strategy is serious as the group’s hideouts are targeted in the daily basis by ANDSF in various parts of the country.

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