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Concerns over drop in water level & challenges ahead


By: Shukria Kohistani

Increasing and improper use of waters has reduced level of underground water and doubled the people’s concern in this regard. This comes amid of serious challenge facing management of the country’s waters.
A number of Kabul residents say they have little or no access to clean water. Afghanistan National Water Affairs Regulation Authority has admitted that level of water in Kabul and some provinces of the country has dropped due to change in climate; therefore, big water manufacturing companies will be shifted to provinces.
During recent years, climate change, drought, lack of management of the country’s waters and improper use of underground waters have caused that a large number of the country’s citizens do not have access to clean water despite of increasing water resources in the country.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, a community leader and resident of Kabul’s 5th PD Jawad says in this area the people have faced with water problems for the past eight years as mostly wells have dried.
“Those who are rich and have money are hiring companies to dig them wells to get access to clean water,” Jawad said, adding that fortunately the canalization system of the area has been constructed recently and a number of the area’s residents have got access to clean water as they pay bill for the water they are using every three months.
According to Jawad, the people of Kabul are obliged to have access to clean water; therefore, most people are engaged in digging wells to get access to the underground water, which has caused drop the underground water in the city.
Currently, Afghanistan National Water Affairs Regulation Authority is working on a plan to shift big water manufacturing companies from Kabul to provinces as well as to prevent from irresponsibly digging wells in Kabul city. According to a spokesperson of the National Water Affairs Regulation Authority, the government is decisive to control and manage the country’s water.
“We’re making efforts to seriously work to control and manage the country’s water in order to strengthen our water resources,” said Nizamuddin Khepalwak, the NWARA spokesperson.
In his recent visit to Nimroz, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani once again stressed on management and controlling the country’s water.
Meanwhile, a lecturer of Nangarhar University Khairuddin Rasikh by pointing to the country’s water and challenges facing the management process of the water has said water is one of the country’s natural resources.
He said that the country’s annual capacity for producing water was 75billion cubic meter and its people were using only 20 percent of this water, while the country’s people was losing a big portion of water due to various reasons.
This comes amid of efforts towards controlling and managing the country’s water as Afghanistan government is working to further invest on construction of dams. Last week, President Ghani opened Kamal Khan dam in Nimroz, which was considered as key step towards controlling and managing the country’s water.


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