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Concerns over continued targeted killings and terrorist attacks in Kabul

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By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: Targeted assassinations and terrorist attacks have recently increased in Kabul and a number of provinces.
Unfortunately no group has so far taken responsibity for the deadly incidents.
Afghan citizens ask the security institutions for identifying the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.
Although the assassinations in Afghanistan have been going on for several years, but the difference in the type of assassinations is that in the past, government officials have been targeted, but unfortunately now they are assassinated from different walks of life.
However, the security agencies blame the increase in assassinations on the failure of the government armed oppositions in the battlefields.
In the most recent cases, director of planning and policy for the Ministry of Urban Development Atiqullah Khosti, the Interior Ministry’s anti-crime official, and several retired officers have been shot and dead by unknown armed individuals in Kabul, prompting a wave of public concern among the citizens.
A number of members of the House of People also expressed concern about the escalation of targeted assassinations, with Ahmad Javad Jaihoon as saying:
“The continuation of violence and targeted killings of members of parliament is a matter of grave concern.” Deputy-Speaker of the Wolesi Jirga says that every day, people lose their loved ones, people are very worried about their future and no one is safe in Kabul.”
But the Interior Ministry has said that government forces are also constantly trying to contain terrorist incidents adding that the incidents have decreased in Kabul compared to previous months.
“Dozens of individuals have been arrested and convicted in connection with terrorist attacks, and efforts are ongoing on to arrest others,” said the ministry’s spokesman Tariq Arian.
“Terrorist crimes have dropped significantly compared to the past and efforts continue to crack down on those who disrupt security,” he said.
Kabul police spokesman Ferdaws Faramarz also said that five assassinations had been recorded in Kabul between June 1 and 10, and that efforts to prevent targeted killings in the country were continuing.
However, a number of human rights advocates and civil society activists say that the armed opposition were targeting democracy, the rule of law, elections, freedom of expression and human rights, and judges, prosecutors, journalists, women, election activists, members of parliament and the provincial council as well as human rights supporters.
They believe that terrorists shouldn’t be allowed to succeed in achieving their sinister goals by killing people and right activists as they believe the aim of their ttacks is to destabilize the entire system, the values ??of the last twenty years and to create fear, panic, despair, division, gap between the government and the people, to win credit at the ongiing peace process or to stop the process. “Therefore, in addition to maintaining unity, we need to seriously deal with terrorist incidents in such a way that the main enemy, who constantly creates disaster, is not forgotten.”
Political experts say that under the current critical situation, it is imperative that the people, the media, civil society organizations, politicians and political parties all speak out against the terrorist enemies and put pressure on the supporters of terrorism and call on the international community to assist the government of Afghanistan in fighting terrorism. “Chain murders have increased in the past year in the country and terrorists can influence even into the green area of ??the capital and achieve their goal,” he said. In the past, most people were worried about suicide attacks and explosions, but now targeted killings have increased and no one is taking responsibility for it. Meanwhile, the Kabul city has witnessed a number of targeted killings in recent months. Religious scholars, members of civil society, university lecturers, journalists and political activists have been targeted.

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