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Commando forces’ unique achievements commendable

ANA Commando soldier alongside US SOF member

Afghan commando forces have been key part of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) that conducting key and complex operations against insurgents in each and every corner of the country. These elite Afghan forces have been shouldering their responsibility and extending their supports to their other fellow soldiers.
One of their unique operations are breaking of Taliban prisons in different provinces and releasing of the prisoners. At least 28 Afghan civilians were freed from a Taliban prison in Helmand province by Commandos, the Special Operations Corps said in a statement yesterday.
According to the Corps, the operation was conducted on Monday night in Musa Qala district of Helmand province. During the operation six Taliban were killed and many weapons were seized by forces, the statement read.
Meanwhile, Twenty Afghan security forces members were freed from a Taliban prison during an operation by Commando forces in Khashrod district of Nimroz province on Friday night, the Ministry of Defense said. According to the MoD, 17 of them are Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers and three others are Afghan National Police (ANP) members.
“Seven Taliban, including a commander of them, were killed during the operation,” said the MoD.
According to the ministry the “prisoners were extensively tortured by the Taliban.”
Afghan Commando forces are the unique, the most strong and experienced forces in the region. Their independent operations, experiences and high morale showing that they have enough capabilities to protect the country from the insurgents’ attacks.
Fighting against the Taliban and combating terrorism, Afghan soldiers have paid high sacrifices, which triggered an outpouring of national grief. Warring factions, mainly the Taliban fighters, are widely involved in war crime as they violate the humanitarian law. They kill both combatants and non-combatants without an iota of humanity.
Afghan soldiers, that are protecting the rights and dignity of the Afghan nation and defend national sovereignty, lose their lives on daily basis, but they are forgotten soon. Afterwards, it is their families to suffer from economic constraints and their children will abandon schools. It is an undeniable fact that military forces are the backbone of a society and defend their national values. That is to say, without the blood of soldiers, a nation will never ever breathe a sigh of relief in a relatively peaceful atmosphere.
Afghan soldiers have shown their bravery and gained national honor for the country throughout the history and will do so in the future, too. They must be paid enough heed and the life and dignity of their families should be ensured forever.
There is unprecedented public support for Afghan forces but the government has to pay them decently so that they can fight the battles without economic dilemmas. Moreover, the US and its allies that are leaving now the country must reinforce the soldiers and equip them with strong arms in order to mitigate the insurgency, as Afghan soldiers are fighting terrorism on behalf of the whole region and even world.
Their sacrifices of Afghan soldiers are highly appreciable, and their names should be eternal in our history. Hence, the international community should do more to help and support these forces in war on terror so that they establish a safe and sound environment for the people in Afghanistan, region and the world.

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