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Combating violent extremism a must

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As terrorism and violent extremism remain an increasingly high threat, there is a growing global consensus on the fact that military operations and security measures alone are not enough to defeat terrorism. In order to fully and efficiently respond to the challenges and threats that terrorism and violent extremism pose to nations, regions and communities today, greater emphasis should be put on prevention through reinforcing structural changes, community engagement and building of resilience.
Terrorist and violent extremist groups tend to largely take root in marginalized areas, using local grievances to recruit young citizens in vulnerable life situations, suffering for instance from varying degrees of unemployment, low education and literacy levels. It is necessary to enhance effective governance addressing aggravating factors and underlying conditions that may create grievances and may lead individuals to join violent extremist groups.
Extremism itself is not any religion or ideology; rather it is the nature of the perspective through which any religion or ideology is comprehended that gives birth to extremism.
It is unfortunate to mention that in today’s world there are many such people who have extremist attitude regarding their ideologies and religions and at any instance they can turn violent to prove themselves right and the other wrong. It is vital that such people and groups of people must be discouraged as much as possible.
For instance, if Taliban and Daesh are allowed to expand their views and ideology with impunity, they will turn our country into a hell. Therefore, it is vital that they must be handled with iron fist so that they are able to realize that they do not have any right to make others follow them through violence and extremism.
Meanwhile Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh called activities of Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is known for expanding extremism in the country, as illegal and saying it has not been registered. He called the activity of the party similar mindset to those of terrorist groups.
Since Afghanistan is badly hit by terrorism and violent extremism in recent decades and years, therefore much should be done to curb the ugly phenomenon in the country. Extremism in its every form should be condemned and measures should be carried out to make the people more moderate in their thinking and believes.
Recently a Mullah in western Herat province also chanting slogans against government and those working for government. His recent remarks against the nation and government can affect the morale of both combatant and non-combatants in the country. Therefore, people shouldn’t allow such extreme people to give birth for violence and insecurity in the country.
The best strategies for preventing extremism in Afghanistan are promoting rule of law and human rights-based approach, enhancing participatory decision-making and increasing civic space at national and local levels, strengthening the capacity of local governments for service delivery and security, promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment as well as engaging youth in building social cohesion.
Meanwhile working with religious leaders is essential to counter the abuse of religion by violent extremists. Working with the media to promote human rights and tolerance as well as promoting respect for human rights, diversity and a culture of global citizenship in schools and universities.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.