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Closing Pakistan’s airspace creates problems to Afghanistan


Closing Pakistan’s airspace has created many social and economic problems to Afghans.
An economic expert Saifuddin Saihoun told The Kabul Times that a number of our people travel to India due to health problems, therefore, it will be a challenge to them if Pakistan’s airspace is not opened.
Economically, Afghanistan and India have a cargo airway that has been closed by Pakistan, as recently, that country’s government didn’t allow the Indian airplanes to cross its airspace and transfer goods to Afghanistan, he further said.
In fact, Chabahar port can be a good alternative to India to transfer foodstuff and agricultural products, he added.
The main social challenge is commuting Afghan university students and diplomats and we hope the problems to be figured out soon, he stated.
He added the move would not only create problems to Afghanistan but also to Pakistan. Right now, the price of a ticket reached to $400, an amount that is hard to be afforded by Afghans, he went on to say.
“I have a heart disease and have to go to India once in a year for check-up,” a Kabul resident Abeda said. Unfortunately, Pakistan has once again created problems to Afghans, she further said.
Talking on a declaration released by civil aviation administration, the entity’s spokesperson Qasim Rahimi said Afghanistan-India and Afghanistan-UAE flights were temporarily being done through Iran’s airspace and it caused to increase the flights’ hours.
Civil aviation administration assures all international air partners that there is not any problem in Afghanistan’s airspace, adding our air traffic control section will release an announcement to airline companies when the Pakistan’s airspace is opened.
Kam Air Airline Company has already started flights to Delhi through Iranian airspace.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.