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Clashes between ANDSF & Pakistani militaries enter third day along Durand Line

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Following clashes between Afghan security forces and Pakistani militaries along Durand Line, Pakistan militaries have increased mortar shelling on eastern areas of Afghanistan.
According to Afghan local officials, Pakistani military personnel wanted to establish check-posts on Durand Line. Resistance from the Afghan forces triggered a clash between the two sides.
“Clashes between the two sides have entered to third straight days,” said governor of Kunar Abdul Satar Mirzakwal, adding that three people have been killed and four others wounded in the clashes so far.
Governor of Kunar said that it was not the first Pakistan militaries trying to establish check-posts along Durand Line but the militaries have tried repeatedly to do so in the past.
In reaction to clashes and mortal attacks by Pakistan militaries, presidential office has asked for stopping the clashes and mortar attacks as soon as possible. The spokesperson office of presidential palace told media that they seriously asked the Pakistan side to stop its attacks along the Durand Line and they would also follow the issue through diplomatic channels.
According to Afghanistan presidential office, the Afghan national defense and security forces are ready to respond any aggressive steps of the Pakistan militaries and defend their people and country.
Afghanistan parliament has also condemned mortar shelling and rocket attacks by Pakistan militaries on Afghan soil and considered establishment of check-posts and military installations along Durand Line as aggressive, asking the government to address the issue through diplomatic channels.
Afghan lawmakers say Pakistan militaries by launching rocket and mortal attacks on Afghanistan bordering areas have declared their enmity with the people of Afghanistan as dozens of innocent Afghan civilians have been killed due to their mortar attacks in the past few years.
Afghan lawmakers have asked the international community in particular the US to take serious step towards stopping mortar shelling on Afghan soil by Pakistan militaries.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political experts believe that Afghanistan government should take the issue of mortar shelling by Pakistan militaries as serious and file a complaint to the UNSC.
“Unfortunately Pakistan is playing double role in the region as the country has followed such double policies in connection with having relations with Afghanistan for the past few decades,” said Omar Sharif, an Afghan political expert.
According to Afghan political experts, although Afghan government has repeatedly asked the Pakistan side for stopping mortar shelling and rocket attacks on Afghan soil, unfortunately the country has not paid any attention to the demand of Afghan side; therefore, the government of Afghanistan should share the issue with its international partners in particular the US.
They believe that it will be better if the government of Afghanistan can clearly and with the support of world and regional countries find a permanent solution to the problem so that border tensions between the two countries end permanently.
It is worth mentioning that due to continued mortal shelling by Pakistan militaries on eastern parts of Afghanistan, hundreds of families have been displaced and dozens of innocent people killed and wounded. 

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