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Civilians still bear the brunt of war

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Since last couple of months incidents in Afghanistan clearly showed that the lives of the civilians are in jeopardy and according to reports the Taliban and other militants are mainly responsible for it. The incidents showed that insurgents have started targeting the civilians directly. Moreover, the butchery shown in the incidents are really heinous and there have to be serious steps to counter them otherwise they would threaten the lives of the common people to a great extent. 
As a result of a suicide attack in a wedding party in Pachiragam district, Nangarhar province, nine civilians including a child martyred and 14 injured as according to spokesman of Nangarhar provincial governor, this attack was carried out by a teenager.
One day before the attack, an NGO had announced that during the recent 10 days, 450 civilians were killed and injured in Afghanistan. The civilian protection advocacy group called the reason behind these casualties of civilians, suicide attacks and explosions and in certain occasions air and night operations.
Addressing the media, the civilian protection advocacy group said, this was completely against the war law that unfortunately all warring factions commit it. “Killing of civilians is a crime against humanity. We want the warring factions to give up this crime and let the people to lead a tranquil life.”
Prior to this, UNAMA touching terrorist attacks in holy month of Ramadan in some other provinces said, dozens of civilians killed and hundreds injured. UNAMA accused armed men led by Taliban that target civilians deliberately and have victimized them.
Only in three separate terrorist events in Kabul, Ghazni and a rocket attack on a bazaar in Faryab province in the last two weeks that Taliban have claimed their responsibility, dozens civilians killed and hundreds mainly children and students injured.
Nevertheless, civilian casualties are the worst phenomenon that disturbs and causes concern of people and human rights advocate bodies as well as the Afghan government. The government has persistently and continuously asked ANSDF to focus attention on safety of civilians as a principle during cordon and search operations and mopping up activities from the armed insurgents. On certain cases that mistakenly and unintentionally civilians have been damaged, was investigated and essential measures have taken place for compensation and sympathy of affected people.
This issue was taken up and discussed in recent Qatar intra-Afghani talks and Taliban were asked to be loyal to that rule and avoid damaging civilians. Fortunately, this issue was inserted in the concluding resolution of the meeting and Taliban delegation has also expressed their loyalty to this principle.
Meanwhile, the government needs to plan for a long-term strategy for protecting civilians. The UN has had unsuccessful efforts in the past to persuade the Taliban for protecting the civilians. Any such efforts are beneficial. The United Nations still can influence the parties of the war to respect civilian safety and security.
The Afghan government and society should ask the UN and other parties to negotiate and further encourage Taliban to totally give up violence and deliberate targeting of public places. The anti-insurgency campaign should be combined with direct or non-direct talks with the militant groups for providing safety to civilians by all sides of the war.

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