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Civilian casualties increase by 19pc: AIHRC

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Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission annual report shows that civilian casualties in 1397 solar year increased by 19 percent than the previous year of 1396. Beside expressing concern on killing and injuring of civilians, AIHRC said that the Taliban are responsible for over 50 percent of these casualties.
Simultaneous with releasing of AIHRC annual report on Tuesday chairwoman of AIHRC Dr. Sima Samar said, in 1397 solar year civilian casualties reached 11212 people including 3032 killed and 8180 injured.
Addressing increase of civilian casualties concerning, Ms. Samar added, based on gender and age, 68pc men, 8 pc women and 21pc children included it.
The details of the report show that civilian casualties in 1397 solar year include 7709 men, 933 women and 2452 children. According to the report, gender and age of 118 victims have not been identified while the data of civilian casualties in 1396 solar year was 9413 people most of them happened in south and west of the country.
The AIHRC annual report shows that 27pc of civilian victims. In 1397 were killed in suicide attacks, 20pc in ground clashes of warring factions, 19pc in rocket attacks, 16pc in roadside mines explosions and 8pc in air attacks have been killed or injured.
Calling civilian casualties sign of war crimes, she added, responsibility of over half of these war crimes namely 53pc return back to Taliban insurgents, 12pc to ANSDF and RS and 12.5pc to ISIL.
According to AIHRC officials, last year Taliban had claimed responsibility of most of attacks and explosions while no one has claimed responsibility of 21pc casualties. The AIHRC annual report shows that in 1397, 847 people were killed in individual assassinations and 88 people during night raids.
Chairwoman of AIHRC said that in 1397, attacks on media and reporters left behind 24 killed and 20 injured.
A UNAMA annual report on civilian causalities shows that insurgents killed 24479 civilians since the outset of 1386 to end of 1397 solar years and injured 32579 people. Meanwhile troops loyal to govt. has also been responsible for a small number of civilian causalities. The casualties occurred at the time when Taliban used civilian houses as their shelter.
UNAMA has registered Taliban, Haqqani Network, ISIL, Hezbe Islami military wing (Prior to peace with the government) and few other terrorist groups in the list of anti-government forces.
UNAMA has asked both waring factions to observe international humanitarian laws during clashes and asked the Afghan government to train ANSDF with these laws and put an end to the culture of war crimes amnesty and punish those officials who have neglected prevention of civilian causalities.
Chairwoman of AIHRC asked waring factions to announce ceasefire to prevent civilians casualties otherwise in case of continuation of war, civilian casualties will be continued and increased.
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