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Citizens welcome collection of illegally installed placards and plates in capital


By: Shukria Kohistani

On the advent of 100th anniversary of independence of the country, the Kabul municipality began collection of illegal plates and placards in capital, Kabul.
According to the Kabul municipality in-charges concerned, based on this program, those plates and placards are collecting that are installed illegally in Kabul city.
Nargess Momand Hassanzai the spokeswoman of Kabul municipality told media that the Kabul municipality began this campaign to clear the walls from illegal plates and placards in Kabul city.
According to Ms. Momand, those placards and plates which were installed in Kabul city sans observing of city beauty are to be collected.
At the same time, the spokesman of Kabul municipality regarding illegal those placards which are clandestinely installed and added that a number of companies and individuals sans permission of Kabul municipality illegally and clandestinely installed placards and plates in the places that are forbidden by municipality.
Additionally, the installation of these placards and plates changed the face of Kabul city as well. Ms. Hassanzai continued that the Kabul municipality tasked a number of its employees those tableaux which are installed illegally and caused the ugliness of the face of Kabul city be recognized and collected.
At the same time, she added that for installation of placards in the city, the legal process should be observed.
Ms. Hassanzai stated that there is a department at the municipality in the name of “Culture Administration” that is authorized for issuance of permission, determination of place for installation of placards.
She demanded those companies and individuals who are willing to install their placards in Kabul city level to get permission from this department.
On the other, Ms. Hassanzai added that within two recent days, they did to collect over 120 illegal placards from 10th district of Kabul city and Kabul municipality is making effort to expand this process to all parts of Kabul city.
Likewise, head of 10th district of Kabul city, Abdul Sattar Alokozay said that they collected irregular and illegal placards from this district.
According to Alokozay, those collected placards in the level of Kabul city were installed sans any understanding and permission of Kabul municipality.
He also added that installation of these placards in power pylons and trees harmed the beauty of the city.
At the same time, emphasizing on legal installation of placards, Alokozay said that the Kabul municipality has a special place for installation of billboards.
With giving permission from this administration, the companies can install their placards in specific places determined by “Culture Administration”.
Alokozay elucidated that illegal installation of placards faces municipality income department with challenges and this department had no capability for collection of its income from owners of placards were illegally installed.
Alokozay demanded from electoral nominees to consider the principle of standard of beauty of the city. They should install their billboards in the places allotted by municipality.
At the same time, a number of Kabul citizens welcome the collection of irregular placards and plates in the city.
Criticizing from such acts by companies, Alokozay says that with doing so, the Kabul city would regain its beauty again.
One of Kabul citizens, Haroon expressing his happiness in regard with collection of illegal placards in Kabul city says that sans considering the standard principle of installation of placards, a number of companies clandestinely install their placards in the city level.
He added that now the municipality to adopt measure for collection of illegal and irregular placards.
We welcome it and are hoping this campaign not to remain as a slogan and continuously promote this process.
One of another Kabul citizens Mursal Rahimi welcomes this measure of Kabul municipality and added that with collection of these placards Kabul would find its beautiful figure.
critizing from some companies, she said for their own interests, they ignore the beauty of Kabul city.
It is mentionable that sometimes back, the Kabul municipality has collected irregular and non standardized tableaux from Kabul city. Those tableaux were include of alien words. 

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