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Citizens criticize closure of roads, streets by powerful individuals

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By: Masouda Qarizada

Criticizing closure of roads and streets by institutions and powerful individuals, a number of citizens said that are facing problems during commutation. According to those citizens, a number of powerful individuals and organizations have even closed streets with metal barriers.
Simultaneous with celebration of centenary of independence and people complaints on road closures a number of people claimed that due to deployment of concrete and metal barriers by powerful individuals on the streets and sidewalks they have been encountering with serious problems. They add that with beginning of presidential campaigns, the number of these barriers have increased remarkably across the capital city.
Mohammad Azim a driver said, during days I have been deadlocked several times passing over streets to reach the main roads.
He added, several streets in Sherpoor, Wazir Akbar Khan and other sensitive parts of the capital city have been completely closed by organizations and powerful individuals and they have to drive by longer distances to reach their destination.
Only drivers are not at close quarters with these problems. It has been said that due to closing of the streets with concrete and metal barriers, families whose home’s located in the middle of street are facing certain headache during relocation or cleaning of septic walls.
At the same time a number of subscribers of social media have also released photos of roads and streets closures by powerful individuals or organizations. Even some of these streets have been completely closed and monopolized by lawmakers and powerful authorities of government.
People request the government to pick up these unnecessary barriers and remove the citizens problems.
Prior to this also the citizens had complained on closure of streets by powerful individuals and authorities. Although the municipality officials had promised to approach these authorities according to law but still large number of barriers in different parts of the city disturb citizens.
Kabul municipality spokeswoman Narges Momand said that they have already started picking up of barriers and would continue it but this process is in urgent need of MoI participation due to increasing number of barriers.
Though foreign and international organizations have also deployed barriers but Kabul Municipality had excepted them from this decision.
At the same time, MoI officials said that they are cooperating in picking up of barriers with KM. MoI spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said that in any case MoI take steps in coordination with KM for removal of these barriers as prior to this MoI had already removed large number of barriers from the city.
Deployment of concrete barriers started in the wake of increasing attacks on foreign agencies as each concrete wall costs US $ 300 while in the beginning each cost US $ 1000.
The concrete barriers prevent movement of trucks.

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