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Citizens’ concern on hike of petroleum prices

عکس از کریمه مطلب از شکریه جان 1

Petrol has been supplied Afs 55 per liter in Kabul fuel stations nowadays that has caused drivers’ anxiety.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Farhad a local driver said, petrol price has hiked recently and the government has taken no counter step yet.
We don’t know the reason and the authorities concerned should provide details to public.
According to Farhad there is a different of Afs 8 per liter than the past few months. I bought 15 liter petrol to my car today which costs expensive to me. I hope the Petroleum Department would supply sufficient quantity of fuel to fuel stations in order to reduce the prices.
Several other drivers were also concerned on hike of fuels prices, asked the government to interfere in bazzar and control the prices.
Mohsen a driver said, my car consumes petrol and since the hike of fuel price, I have stopped it at home because I don’t afford to purchase expensive fuel.
Fuel suppliers and importers said that they purchase fuel in high prices and have to sell it in high prices.
Sayed Tameem a fuel trader said, the only reason behind hike of fuel price is the ongoing demonstrations in the north, Aqinah port was shutdown and fuel traders have to import and supply fuel from free market that caused increase of fuel prices.
In Microrayon Fuel Station, large number of drivers were lined up to purchase fuels at Afs 55 per liter as majority of them were dissatisfied with this situation. They asked the government to focus attention on this issue.
Rahmat operator of 3rd Microrayon Fuel Station said, at present we supply petrol Afs 55 per liter. Diesel Afs 46 per liter and super Fuel Afs 62 per liter.
Talking on the reason behind hike of fuel prices, Rahmat added, large quantity of fuels are imported through Aqina port but due to demonstrations, this process has been disturbed.
The exchange rate of US Dollar has also increased and fuel is purchased with dollar that caused hike of fuel prices.
If the government focus on these two reasons, the problem would be removed and prices would decrease.
Rahmat went on to say, usually daily we had sold 8000-10000 liter petrol but since the hike of prices our supply quantity has considerably decreased because a number of petrol engine cars have stopped.
At present over 3200 fuel stations are operating throughout Afghanistan which have been registered with the Petroleum Department who make good business.
The Petroleum Department has a fuel reservoir of over 100 million metric ton for emergency situation.
Shukria Kohistani

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