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Citizens applaud ‘Cultural Week Celebrations’ in different provinces

Helmand Bost

By: Karima Malikzada

KABUL: On the initiative of the Ministry of Information and Culture a series of cultural week programs conducted in a number of provinces in recent months, aiming to increase awareness and further introduce the rich Afghan culture and traditions.

The cultural weeks were recently marked in Nimruz and Helmand provinces with dozens of cultural programs, including seminars, handicrafts and local foods exhibitions as well as music festivals held to introduce the provincial culture and traditions to the local residents as well as to those of the neighboring provinces.

“A Ministry of Information and Culture delegation led by deputy minister of culture Rasul Bawary recently visited Nimruz province and inaugurated a number of cultural programs, provincial director of information and culture Abdul Ghani Atal told The Kabul Times daily, adding Scientific seminar on Nimruz history and historical monuments, local food and handicrafts exhibitions as well as poetry programs held on this occasion to gloriously celebration the week.


Meanwhile the ministry officials saying they have also begun a cultural week program in southern Helmand province on Saturday.

“We have organized and inaugurated different cultural programs, including poetry, handicrafts and local food exhibitions, scientific seminar on Alama Mohammad ibn Haban Bosti as well as artistic exhibition in the center and some districts of Helmand province,” People’s culture director for Ministry of Information and Culture, Mahbooba Babakarkhel, told The Kabul Times daily.

She went on saying that main goal behind cultural week celebrations were to share ministry’s cultural programs with the people, collecting people’s opinion on cultural and social development’s in the country, introduction of cultural heritages as wells well-known personalities to the local residents.

“Foreigners and most of the people do think that Helmand is a war-torn province, but we did our bests to show the rich cultural heritages and traditions of the provinces to the people in the cultural week celebration,” provincial director of information and culture Hamidullah Wayar said.

“Helmand is known for drug and violence, but the province once enjoyed rich history and was the center of the great civilization,” said Shahzad Atal, a resident of Lashkargah city, the capital of Helmand Province. He applauded MoIC initiative but asked for more cultural programs in the province.

Mariam Sahar, a Kabul University student said Afghanistan was know for violence and suicide attacks, however her beloved country owns rich history and culture and was once the crossroad of the great civilizations.

“We must commend holding of such programs in the provinces. It further helps us to be familiar with our history and culture. Such programs should not be limited to a few provinces but should be further expanded and be opened for all residents to attend,” said Ehsanullah Karimi, a local resident of Zaranj, the capital city of western Nimruz province.

Meanwhile head of the UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Center for Preservation of Afghanistan Culture Heritage said they have opened a week-long program of awareness for 350 people in Lashkargah city and two districts of Helmand Province on Sunday.

“Our center has inaugurated the cultural heritage awareness program in Lashkargah and would be also held in two districts of Nawah and Greshkt,” head of the center, Fawad Adalatpoor Keshmi said, adding that 350 people would receive awareness during the programs.

The Ministry of Information and Culture says the cultural week to be organized in other provinces of the country in the near future.


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