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Cinema in worse condition in Afghanistan


KABUL: Afghanistan cinema is facing grave worse condition as security is yet to restore in the war affected nation, a cinematographer regretted.
War and violence have not only affected the economic infrastructures of the people in Afghanistan, but also overwhelmed all areas in arts and cinemas in the country.
Cinema, in Afghanistan suffered much from the last long insecurities, particularly during the strict Taliban regime.
“Wars and violence over the last more than two decades inflected heavy impediments for the country’s cinema and forced wide number of cinematographers to leave for abroad,” said a prominent cinematographer, Jawan Shir Haidari, chief of Afghanistan filmmakers Union.
He said there were many filmmaking companies, but all of them private, taking part in the national and international film festivals at home and overseas.
The Union of Afghanistan filmmakers introduces each year a film to the Oscar Committee and this year union introduced a film which was warmly welcomed, said Haidari adding the union’s ten films shown in the Tajikistan festival, under the name of “A Visit to Dushanbe” have also been welcomed by thousands of audiences.
“Although, growth in private filmmaking companies like Sada-o-Tasweer (Sound and Pictures) are a source of hope for the country’s arts and cinema development, but it is not enough,” said Jawan Shir 60.
During the government of Dr. Najibullah, art and cinema have widely been supported by the government, while the union of Afghanistan filmmakers now doesn’t have even an office, said Haidari.
He thanked the Ministry of Information and Culture for agreeing on providing an office for the union in order to beef up the art and draw more youths to the union to popularize the Afghan cinema worldwide.
Mr. Hadiari asked the government for doing more in the field of cinema growth and do more for further promotion of the art in the country.
“We have short-term, midterm and long-term plans, through which, we can attract more youths to the union as we are now supported by the Goethe Institute of Germany, French Cultural Center, British Council, etc.,” he added.
If the government cooperate with Afghanistan filmmakers Union, we would ensure more relations with the world countries, particularly those of the Asian nations, such as Tajikistan, Iran, India as well as Russia.
He said his union has not only office in the capital Kabul, but also in Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Pul-e-Khumri, Nangarhar, Khost and outside the country, Netherlands, London, Canada and Australia.
The union is now considering on hosting the Tajikistan Cultural Weeks in Afghanistan, as Dushanbe has the same plan to host Afghanistan Cultural Week by the 2019, he continued.
The union would also host Tajikistan Poetess Week in Afghanistan as well as the Afghan Poetess Week would be held in the neighboring country, Haidari added.
According to him, both Afghan and Tajik sources, such as Afghanistan ministry of information and culture, cultural department of the ministry of foreign ministry as well as Tajikistan Ministry of Culture and Tajikistan Cinema House will cooperate the union to reach the goal. Karima Malikzada

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