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Chronology life of prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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By: Abdul Hadi Quraishi

The Great Prophet of Islam (PBUH) was delegated as teacher and guide of human being that the Arab peninsula was dominated by ignorance and darkness and even a number of Arab families had buried their newborn girl babies alive.
The advent of holy religion of Islam was like a great light for illumination of public minds and leading of people to a straight path and keeping human society away from superstitions by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH).
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was appointed by Allah the Almighty. For the first time, divine revelation was sent by Hazrat-e-Gabriel to our Great Prophet (PBUH) while he was worshipping in the cave of Hurra in the vicinity of Mecca.
When he (PBUH) returned home, he narrated this big event to his family members and close relatives and all the audiences told him that no doubt you are a real prophet.
Then Hazrat Abu Bakr Sidique, Hazrat Khadija, Hazrat Ali, Zaid bin-e- Haress and Hazrat Othoman (MGBPWT) converted to Islam and immediately believed in him.
Chronology of important events within Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) life
– Birth date: 12th of Rabbiul Awwal, 571 AD.
– Handing over of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) to his dear mother Bibi Amena 571 AD.
– Separation from his mother 575 AD.
– His mother died and his grandfather Abdul Mutalleb undertook his custody, 577 AD.
– His first travel to Syria 583 AD.
– Marriage with Bibi Khadija 40 in 596 AD.
– His election as orbitrator 606 AD.
– The first revelation 610 AD.
– Overt invitation to Islam 613 AD.
– Migration to Ethiopia 615 AD.
– Converting of Hazrat Hamza to Islam 616 AD.
– Converting of Hazrat Omar to Islam 616 AD.
– Painful year of demise of Hazrat Khadija and Abu Talib 619 AD.
– Miracle of Meraj and incumbency of prayer 612 AD.
– Allegiance of Aqaba the first 620 AD.
– Travel to Tayef 620 AD.
– Allegiance of Aqaba the second 622 AD.
– Marriage with Hazrat Ayesha 623 AD.
– Changing of Qebla from Quds to Cabba 623 AD.
– War of Badr 623 AD.
– Incumbency of fasting and Zakat 623 AD.
– War with Qinqaa and Jewishes 623 AD.
– War of Ohod 625 AD.
– War of Khandaq (Ditch) 627 AD.
– Hudaibya peace 628 AD.
– Khyber victory 628 AD.
– Invitation of the world leaders to Islam 628 AD.
– War of Moota 629 AD.
– War of Tabooke 630 AD.
– Hujjatul Vedaa 632 AD.
– Demise 632 AD.

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