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China’s quest to change the world order

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By: Ajmal Hajizada

China is in the race for the world Hegemony and is using this Pandemic as an opportunity.

image 16 05 20 06 13There are opportunities that this pandemic will give a likelihood to multilateralism in the post-pandemic era. At this time China as a rising power is more likely to be perceived to the next world superpower, How? There are several indications that China might lead over the US in the post-pandemic world, as we are witnessed that How the US has risen as a world superpower. After the world war 2, the US has risen as a superpower by having a regiment on its economy, its political presence domestically and then helping the European countries in their infrastructures and particularly in their economy while they were badly damaged as the result of the consequence of world war 2. Now, we can see those similarities in China in this Amid COVID-19 crisis, How? As we have visualized that first, they have successfully controlled this pandemic by having a less death ratio in comparison with other countries. Secondly, they appeared as the first country to help the World by sending all PPE(Personal Protection Equipment )  and Doctors in the time of crises.

China’s increasing influence in NATO alliance countries.

On the other side the Political implications of Covid-19  is a further increase in  China’s influence over the NATO countries as recently China helped Italy in hard time of the Crisis, where no NATO alliance came for their assistance. China provided them with medical experts and other equipment. Which might pan out in the Dis-union of the NATO countries,. that  is what China has been looking for a long time. Here it shows how China is a step forward from the US towards the world hegemony in the time of the Covid-19 catastrophe.

Use of Soft-power by Russia and China together.

In the meantime, Russia and China successfully launched to tackle the US through the media, as in one Russian Tv channel they have given a proper time to run the conspiracy theories that are more relevant to the current situation in which they accused Trump of stimulating the virus in US laboratories. Meanwhile China indicted The US military force for the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Wuhan, while they have attended one of the Military training camps. At the same time the US fired with news and naming it as the Chinese virus. So, the war of soft power is at its peak from both sides and they are both trying to manipulate the psyche of the world through media mobilization.

WHO(World Health Organization ), The US, and China.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and its allies left WHO because of the Sway of The US in WHO. Now recently the US, one of the top donor’s slashes it’s funding to WHO and accusing WHO for not taking action to find the lineage of this COVID-19 Virus and WHO’s effusive praise of China’s response against the COVID-19 Virus, which increased the wealth and power of China. So far it shows that China is on top of utilizing every small gap. It shows how eagerly China wants to curtail the influence of the US from every position that the US Has a stronghold on it.

China’s military assault in the time of Crisis

China’s actively military manner in the time of crisis against Indonesia, Vietnam and particularly Taiwan shows that they are not only on the top front in Soft-Power game amid of COVID-19, but they showed their aggressive behavior in their hard power as well which risen the concern of the US.

The Political implication on an international level is huge, in which rising power China quest to change the world order by dominating in soft and hard powers in amid of the COVID-19 crises alongside all its policies and strategies in the time of Crisis towards the robust alliances of the US is exceptionally striking and attaining this mark of China which would inflict the US a huge loss in the world order. China is controlling the game so far from all four corners of the box, it would not be that easy for China as well to take down a long time capitalist country to its knees. if even China doesn’t succeed it will at least create a gap for other rising powers to take on and make a place in the world order.

the author is undergraduate student at University of Lahore

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