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China, Pakistan felicitate President Ghani on his re-election

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By: The Kabul Times 

KABUL: China on Tuesday congratulated Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on his election as President of Afghanistan and said, “China respects Afghan people’s independent choice and decision on the future of their nation.”
“We congratulate Mr. Ghani on his election as president,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Geng Shuang said during his regular briefing. 
He called on parties in Afghanistan to bear in mind the interest of their nation and people consolidate consensus and accelerate the process of reconstruction and peace.
“We are willing to work with the new administration and people in all sectors to promote friendly relations between our countries for the benefit of our people,” he added.
He remarked that now the situation in Afghanistan was at a crucial stage as Afghan Taliban and the US had signed a peace agreement.
He hoped that inter-Afghanistan negotiations would be held soon and Afghan people were now facing the precious opportunity of conclusion of a four-decade-long war, adding, “But there are also severe challenges.”
The spokesperson also hoped that the international community would respect the Afghan people’s will and continue to support inter-Afghan peace and reconciliation.
“We also call on the foreign armies to withdraw in orderly and responsible manner to ensure a transition to avoid terrorist organization’s expansion,” he added.
Meanwhile, Pakistan on Monday reaffirmed its support for peace in Afghanistan after president Ghani took oath in Kabul on Tuesday. 
“Pakistan reaffirms its support for a peaceful, stable, united, sovereign, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan, at peace with itself and with its neighbours,” the statement from the country’s foreign office said. 
According to the statement, a Pakistani delegation was present at the Inauguration Ceremony of the President.
“Pakistan was represented in Kabul. We extend our felicitations,” it said, adding that “The people of Pakistan are linked to the brotherly people of Afghanistan through immutable bonds of history, geography, faith, kinship, culture, language, and customs and traditions.”
We wish our Afghan brethren a future of hope and opportunity, the foreign office expressed.
“At this crucial juncture in their national life, we hope the Afghan leaders would proceed with wisdom and foresight, eschew blame-games, resolve mutual differences, and unite in the supreme interest of their country,” the statement read.
President Ghani was re-elected as President of Afghanistan for the next five years during the presidential election held in September 2019. He was sworn-in as the president in the Afghan capital Kabul on March 9.

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