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China committed to continue cooperation with Afghanistan, Ambassador

۲۱سنبله ملاقات سرور دانش معاون دوم ریاست جمهوری بال سفیر چین ع خیر محمد

KABUL: Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh met Chinese ambassador to Kabul the other day, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.

During the meeting, VP Danesh said Afghanistan and China have had friendly and historical relations since long and it still remained unchanged, the agency said.

Calling relations between the two countries important in different areas of culture, education, trade, economic and politics, VP Danesh added that Afghanistan and China enjoy common heritages, BNA added.

Second vice president said unfortunately, over the last forty years, domestic crisis and wars have  caused attention not to be considerably paid on cultural heritages and in some cases, they have been lost, BNA went on to say.

According to him, if a museum is built by Chinese government in Bamyan province, it would help both countries to preserve their cultural and historical commonalities.

Pointing at tourism attractions in Afghanistan, VP Danesh called tourism attractions in Bamyan and Badakhshan provinces, an opportunity that Chinese tourists can always visit them.

VP Danesh invited Chinese private sector to invest in Afghanistan and stressed that Chinese companies working in Afghanistan should be further standardized.

While handing over the Chinese Deputy Prime Minister invitation to second VP, Chinese ambassador said his country’s high-ranking officials would welcome his trip to China. VP Danesh is expected to leave Afghanistan for China on Sep. 23 and attend an international festival.

Likewise, Chinese ambassador assured of his country’s continued cooperation with Afghanistan in different fields such as education, health, research issues, cultural and technological affairs.

He said People’s Republic of China would also cooperate with Afghanistan in term of archeology and it is working on a program to train Afghanistan’s national museum employees.  According to him, Chinese government is fully ready to organize cultural joint programs, a move can be effective in bolstering relations between the two countries.

He added last year, about 100 short-term training programs have been organized to Afghans in China and for upcoming year, over 180 higher education scholarships would be allocated for Afghans.

Calling ensuring stability and security a prerequisite for investment of Chinese private sector in Afghanistan, Chinese ambassador added his country is committed on bilateral cooperation and trusts in Afghan government leadership.

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