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China can play vital role in Afghanistan peace process

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By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan Presidential Office says the country’s delegation to participate the intra-Afghan dialogue in Beijing has been finalized, but names of those participating in the meeting have not released.
In the meeting which will be held in near future, representatives of Afghanistan government, Taliban and Afghan politicians will participate. The meeting was supposed to be held on 29 – 30 October, but it was delayed due to some reasons.
A spokesperson to presidential office Sediq Sediqi said those determined to participate in the Beijing meeting would represent different classes of Afghanistan society.
“This meeting could provide a process that paves the way for a negotiation between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban group,” Sediqqi said.
Meanwhile, US Congressman Tom Malinowski has stressed that for prevention of increasing war in Afghanistan, Taliban should guarantee of any possible deal with the US side. “From my point of view, peace agreement should be acceptable for the people of Afghanistan. I don’t want US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan and Taliban continue their efforts towards taking power in Afghanistan as this result in increasing violence and further violation of human rights in the country,” Malinowski added.
Malinowski is one of the main critics of a possible peace deal between the United States and the Taliban group. He has asked the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to provide details of the US-Taliban peace deal to the US Congress and to clarify those parts of the deal that he believes are vague and unclear.
China as neighboring of Afghanistan, close strategic partners of Afghanistan and one of regional supporters of the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process has strong influence from point of military and diplomacy on our neighboring country Pakistan and can play key role in Afghanistan peace process. Besides, China has cooperated Afghanistan in the field of economic and cultural in the past 18 years.
On the other hand, increasing presence of terrorist groups in the region can particularly pose threats to China. To address the threats, China is interested in helping Afghanistan in bringing peace and stability in the country as both Afghanistan and China cannot ignore increasing challenges and threats in the region.
Currently, Afghanistan is fighting terrorism and extremism in frontline. If the frontline is broken or weaken, both China and Russia will get insecure. In consideration to formation of security formulas in the region, Daesh and other terrorist groups in particular al Qaeda are trying to reach China and Russia; therefore, regional countries in particular China should help Afghanistan in bringing peace and stability.
After cancellation of peace talks between US and the Taliban group, regional countries particularly China has increased efforts towards resumption of the talks between the US and Taliban group.

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