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Children need safety, security in Afghanistan

55766 children from an afghan returnee family at their home in jalalabad 18 december 2016 1558086995198

In a statement, the Amnesty International has called the Afghan war as the deadliest for children in the world. According to the statement, in the first nine months of 2019, over 2400 children were killed and over 5000 injured.
The organization has blamed Taliban and IS militants as the main factors behind children casualties in the war-torn country. At the same time, it has been said that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and Resolute Support Mission forces have also caused damages to children in certain cases.
But Afghan security forces accepted partial casualties and blamed that terrorist militants who hide in people houses and residential areas, make civilians as human shield and pave the way of damaging, killing or injuring of children. Otherwise according to the security officials, the ANDSF consider themselves the guardians of people properties and lives based on laws, as well as instructions of government senior authorities particularly the supreme commander of the armed forces and are responsible to protect them.
Nevertheless, the reason behind most civilian casualties including children are Taliban, IS and other extremist groups. These groups beside carrying out of explosions and suicide attacks in crowded and populated areas and attack on national, religious places, schools, universities, hospitals, mosques, fire rocket on cities, deploy roadside mines, kill civilians including children or injure and damage them. In current year as a result of two or three VBIED attacks in Kabul and Ghazni provinces that Taliban claimed their responsibility, hundreds of children and students were killed or injured.
Reports released on civilian casualties of war by world bodies as well as Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission during 2019, narrated on killing or injuring of over 10000 civilians and blamed Taliban and IS for over 85 pc of civilian victims. National and international bodies strongly believe that terrorist groups deliberately attack populated areas and victimize civilians including innocent children.
While attack on civilians is frank violation of war laws and ignoring of Islamic sharia instructions on intentional or unintentional attacks that cause human casualties. The holy religion of Islam even doesn’t allow killing of one innocent person without logical reasons and sharia considers it as killing of all people and warn the people to avoid it.
The statement of Amnesty International in fact reveals the depth of the tragedy. Still there is no clear horrison for concluding of this ridiculous war in Afghanistan and end of blood shedding looks like unrealistic dream.
Taliban and IS still insist on continuation of blood shedding and refrain ceasefire and peace talks with the Afghan government. The Afghan government and ANDSF not only consider themselves responsible for preservation of children life but also safety of all Afghan citizens.

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