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Chennai doctors give new lease of life to Afghan


CHENNAI: For Ahmad Ullah Poya, now 28, of Afghanistan, life was not a bed of roses. After escaping the Taliban, he was working as a school bus driver when he was transferred to Karachi, Pakistan in 2014, due to the threat of the Taliban.

However, life did not get any better for Ahmad in Pakistan as he was soon diagnosed with ‘Shone’s complex’, a rare congenital heart disease, consisting of multiple left heart obstructive defects. After he failed to get treatment in Pakistan, he turned towards India. With his uncle’s help, a building construction contractor, based in Melbourne, Australia, he got in touch with Florence Gough who recommended Dr K. M. Cherian, CEO and Chairman of Frontier Lifeline Hospital, Chennai. He had had to face difficulties in obtaining a visa. Nephew and uncle landed in Chennai on 15th August and Ahmad’s surgery was successfully performed on August 25. He is now doing well, informed doctors at Frontier Lifeline Hospital.

“I feel like I have been born again. I can never thank Dr Cherian for all that he has done for me. He’s given me back my life and every little thing that I feel now, feels new to me. My heart is beating and sometimes I place my hand on it to see if it is real, because all this feels like a dream. The people here, my doctors –
Dr Anto and Dr Ayyappa, have been so supportive throughout the surgery and after it. The nurses and each and every other staff member has given a lot of priority to my uncle and I,” said an emotional Ahmad after surgery.

“Ahmad has been through a lot and it is very unfortunate that he had to encounter such difficulties. With the success of this surgery, he not only has another shot a life but also the chance to live a healthy one,” said Dr.Cherian, who drafted a letter to the visa officer at Afghanistan on his behalf. Ahmad’s next checkup has been scheduled six months from now.

A few years ago, two Afghani children, Zamzama and Zarif underwent cardiac surgeries at Frontier with the help of Seema, a UK-based citizen and Dr Cherian.

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