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change in political system threatens achievements

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Interim or transitional government are the options that US, some Afghan political figures and even some regional countries have proposed to replace the current democratic and legitimate government in the country.
Legally the interim government is a vague political terminology in the country. It has not been considered in the Afghan Constitution. The reasons why the majority of Afghan people and the government officials reject the interim government include there is no possibility for the creation of such an administration, as it does not support the interests of the country.
As the Afghan Constitution has been identified as one of the redlines of the peace talks by the Afghan government and high council for national reconciliation, such a set up may lead to change the type of the political system of the country from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to Islamic Emirate or any other form of totalitarian system that is against the National interests of Afghanistan.
Thus, the Afghan government has repeatedly called on the Taliban that they can only join the peace talks under the umbrella of a democratic and legitimate government.
Addressing a press conference here in Kabul on Saturday, National Security Adviser (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib said that interim government, which was proposed as a solution to the peace in the country, will take Afghanistan to nowhere. NSA Mohib said that the interim government was proposed by those that fled the negotiating table, adding that Taliban are making propaganda to bring gap between the people and their servants.
NSA Mohib also said the Afghan government will participate in the UN-led conference in Turkey – proposed by the US – and the Moscow conference on Afghanistan’s peace. NSA Mohib said that the Afghan government is working on formation of a delegation for the two events.
Indeed those politicians that have been sidelined in recent years due to their ineffective works as well as having hands in major corruption cases, as well as those that have been accused of killing innocent people and destroying public infrastructures have been chanting the slogans of interim governments, as they no longer see their interests and have been losing their illegal incomes with current system.
Some politicians vision and insists for interim government have pushed the country into civil war in 1990s, where the country yet to recover from its consequences. Undermining the last 20 years achievements and democratic values for the personal interests, would once again repeat the history and those of the 1990s devastating war.
Peace talks are a time-consuming process. The international community and Afghan government must give it a good deal of time in order to reach a consensus on different issues of the peace talks. As a result, all parties shall peruse a political settlement cautiously arranged and with patience.
Such an approach would lead to a peace deal that preserves the current constitution, can further legitimize the current state, ensures the post-2001 democratization process, include all the involved parties and contribute to state building and the stabilization of Afghanistan. Ultimately, this is the only mechanism that can ensure a durable peace that can prevent Afghanistan from producing further grievances that may potentially intensify the war in the country.


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