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Chabahar port to expand Afghanistan’s exports


The authorities of Ministry of Civil Aviation say that benefiting from logistic capacities of Iran ports-Herat-Khawaf railway that would be utilized can be a good opportunity for merchants of Afghanistan.
In a joint meeting held in the connection by authorities of governments of Afghanistan and Iran, minister of civil aviation, Mohammad Hameed Tahmasi told media in the connection that it was agreed that good ground be prepared for export-import between the two countries and the way should be paved for export of Afghanistan goods such as dried and fresh fruits and marble to third countries with cooperation of Islamic Republic of Iran via Chabahar Port.
Tahmasi said that the second issue that we reached to understanding was transport and transit expenditures and decision was made the unofficial expenditures to be recognized and be omitted and in regard with official expenditures, both sides decided unanimously that the expenditures should be reduced.
Hinting to agreement on custom-duty between the two countries, Tahmasi asserted that we are ready to make alike all custom regulations so that the smuggling and corruption be prevented in both custom-houses and also it was decided that the small markets be closed in borders of the two countries.
Minister of transport also hinted to opening of Shamtigh port and added that we hope this port be opened as soon as possible.
Minister of road and urban development of Iran, Abbas Akhundi said that annually about 180000 trucks are commuting between Iran and Afghanistan and this shows that vast exchanging of commodities are continuing between the two countries.
Hinting to the agreements reached for easing of transport and transit between the two nations, Akhundi added that we detailed on expansion of transit and also reached on agreement to reduce custom-duties and reached to a good result.
He continued that now, custom-duties are taken that some of them are official and some others unofficial.
It was decided that all unofficial expenditures should be recognized and reduced or be omitted.
There is no reason for receiving unofficial expenditure.
About official expenditures, he said that based on mutual measure, the figures are received in Iran that some of them are official and some other unofficial. If our friends in Afghanistan have tendency to reduce official expenditures, we also reduce this expenditure.
It was decided a joint commission be formed to recognize these expenditures and take step for reduction of them.
Hinting to tri-partite transit agreement among Iran, India and Afghanistan for expansion of transit relations, minister of road and urban development of Iran said that the agreement of Chabahar port practiced well and now, established new corridor.
For example: the consignments of wheat that sent by India to Afghanistan have been evacuated in Chabahar port and transferred. Within recent few days, the grain consignment was transferred from India to Afghanistan via Chabahar port.
He continued transit among India, Afghanistan and Iran is continuing in its full-swing.
We are ready to allot logistical possibilities either in Chabahar port or Caspian sea or other sea and land ports.
Minister of road and urban development of Iran hinting to road transportation, said that except discussing on railway, we are interesting the road transportation be expanded to Farah province as well.
There are good pivots in Afghanistan that be definited and we can mention to highway of Kabul-Doqharon, Meshad-Farah, Iran port and second bridge of Milak.
We demand from Afghanistan government to proclaim its agreement as soon as possible about construction of second bridge of Milak so that we adopt measure in connection with easing of transportation.
This is in a time that fortunately, today Afghanistan did to have good commercial ties with a number of regional countries and prepare good opportunities for the growth and expansion of economy of the country.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.