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Certain measures undertaken to improve chaotic situation of urban transportation

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By: Masouda Qarizada

The MoT has undertaken a new plan to improve transportation situation of capital city. Lack of order and irregular transport system in capital Kabul has been part of social problems that disturb inhabitants of capital with its over seven million population.
No observing of law, lack of urban culture and no determination for implementation of the rule of law by officials concerned are main reasons behind disorder of urban transport.
This chaotic situation is clearer than the sun and needs no definition. This problem has been disturbing the people since many years as relevant bodies have been talking on their plans and measures for its improving and promises but no practical step has been taken. Even this situation not comparable with over 30 years ago despite of extensive presence of the global community.
In 2014 the than MoT Daud Najafi had promised undertaking of an strategy on urban transportation which as expected to be codified with contribution and collaboration of South Korea that included construction of transportation infrastructures, several metros, bus stops as well as purchasing of hundreds urban passenger buses for the capital city.
The capital residents complain that there is no standard on bill of fare etc, private cars have been changed to taxi and drivers charge fares to passengers arbitrarily. Cars and buses are not available specially late afternoon and some times people have to walk long distances due to lack of cars and buses or high fares. But despite of these elements, the officials incharge talk on certain measures.
Spokesman of the MoT Ali Sina Qayed said that the new plan has been prepared under supervision of ten committees and will be implemented soon and the situation will be improved. Over 600 buses have been purchased and will be employed.
According to Qayed, at present over 100 Millie Buses are operating in five zones of the capital city and after implementation of new plan, new Millie Buses will be employed and operating in seven zones.
Touching the overcharging of drivers, Qayed added that fares have been set up according to distances and violating drivers will be fined by traffic officials as in the last two months a number of violating drivers have been fined Afs 90000. Touching the road closures and traffic jams for overcrowded population in Kabul. Qayed said, in a non- standard city like Kabul and a population of over seven million, supply of high quality services is difficult. The reasons involved in deterioration of the capital city transportation situation include bad and narrow roads, crowed of cars and vehicles, low quality fuel, density of population, lack of law observation by drivers… etc. According to Traffic officials, at present over 600000vehicles have been moving in the capital city roads excluding military and foreign vehicles while the Kabul roads have the capacity of 120000 vehicles and despite of above problems no signs of restriction of vehicles imports are seen and every day additional and extra vehicles are added to this number that deteriorate the situation.


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