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Ceasefire declaration to generate hope for peace in Afghanistan

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Senior members of the Taliban have reportedly agreed to a 10-day ceasefire with the United States and ‘bringing a major decrease in attacks or violence’ against the Afghan government and the armed forces in Afghanistan, Taliban sources said on Wednesday.
The group said that there had been discussions for the past few weeks and after thorough deliberations, their decision-making body, the leadership council, has agreed to a 10-day ceasefire with the US in Afghanistan. According to Taliban, following the approval given by their council, Taliban supreme leader has also agreed to the ceasefire plan.
The group claimed that the peace talks with the US had entered a final stage and they could sign the peace accord anytime shortly. According to the group, they may not announce the ceasefire publicly but would make sure their military commanders to implement it wholeheartedly in the areas under their control.
The group has also said that during the ceasefire period, would stop all types of attacks against the US and Afghan forces. “We would not carry out any type of attack during the proposed ceasefire period. There would be no suicide attacks, IEDs, target killing anywhere in Afghanistan from our side when the ceasefire is implemented,” the Taliban sourced told media.
Indeed, it is seen a major change in Taliban policy as they also agreed to stop attacking the Afghan security forces after they sign a peace deal with the US. Until now, the Taliban had refused any kind of ceasefire with the Afghan government and the country’s armed forces.
Meanwhile, Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser, on Wednesday at the Raisina Dialogue multilateral conference in New Delhi, said that “Peace for our people means the end of violence – this is why we insist that a ceasefire is necessary to create a conducive environment for talks.”
He also said that a ceasefire is a catalyst for sustainable peace because the Afghan people earnestly want it, and it will prove to the Afghan people and government that “our enemies are not only serious about peace, but that it is within their control to maintain their part of a future deal.”
Afghan masses believe that declaring of ceasefire with the Afghan government and the country’s security forces would be the only way to achieve peace and stability in the war-torn country. According to them, ceasefire with the foreign forces would not bear any positive result but would intensify the ongoing war in the country.
If the important role of Afghan government is ignored in ceasefire and the ongoing peace talks, the majority of Afghans, especially women, religious scholars and ethnic minority groups, will not accept the peace deal with the Taliban.
The ceasefire between Taliban and the Afghan government would ease a political solution to the ongoing conflicts. If Taliban, make their intention unequivocal then it would help facilitate confidence and trust building measures and would provide a win-win situation for all.
If the ceasefire is truly implemented by Taliban, then the public hope for peace and stability will increase and it will show the Taliban’s seriousness for talks. Furthermore, it will show that the Taliban leadership exercises authority on its military commander.

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