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CE, MoIC congratulate World Teacher’s Day to Afghan teachers

Teachers Day

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a message has congratulated World Teacher’s Day to all hardworking and honorable teachers of the country.
In his message, chief executive said that the day was commemorated amid increasing of problems facing Afghan teachers in the country.
“There are still schools with no buildings in a number of districts where teachers are teaching their students under tents and open air. Extremist groups are still active in a number of areas where girls are deprived from going to school. Dozens of schools are still closed to students. Afghanistan teachers are making effort day and night to teach our children,” chief executive said.
He added that education system has developed with the help of hardworking, committed and home-loving teachers in recent years despite of all challenges and problems as currently millions of girls and boys were busy in receiving knowledge in schools in the country.
In his message, the country’s chief executive hoped that necessary facilitations would be provided for teachers in future.
According to another report, leadership of the ministry of information and culture has also congratulated World Teacher’s Day to all Afghan teachers.

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