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CE meets outgoing German ambassador

رییس اجراییه کشور با سفیر آلمان در کابل ملاقات تودیعی کرد
CE Abdullah meeting Walter Hassmann German outgoing ambassador to Kabul

KABUL: Chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a farewell meeting with Walter Hassmann, German outgoing ambassador to Kabul praised Germany for its assistance to Afghanistan and considered the country as one of key donors and partners of the people and government of Afghanistan.
In the meeting, the German outgoing ambassador to Kabul expressed happiness of his works and mission in Afghanistan, saying that his country would continue its support from the people of Afghanistan.
Both sides discussed peace talks with the Taliban group and upcoming parliamentary elections. The German outgoing ambassador to Kabul stressed on his country’s support to fair and free elections in Afghanistan. Both sides also considered the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process as key. The Kabul Times

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