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CE chairs Food Safety executive meeting

جلسه اجرائیوی مصئونیت غذایی شورای وزیران در قصر سپیدار برگزار شد

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah chaired the executive meeting of Food Safety within the Council of Ministers at the Spidar Palace, discussing reports about the country’s food security safety, a statement from the CE Office said Friday.
Head of the secretary office of the council of ministers provided details about the food safety security and said the food safety committees have been created across the 25 provinces of the country, the statement quoted. He said more than 30 coordinative and awareness meetings on food safety and security have so far been held in different parts of the country and the process is going successfully.
According to him, the UN office has pledged to cooperate with the food safety programs by the end of 2020.
Representative from the country’s Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), while sharing details about malnutrition, said the level of moderate malnutrition has reduced by 6 percent while the level of serious malnutrition to 5 percent across the country.
Instructing the meeting participants to work on the food safety programs, the Chief Executive said the related organs should immediately start work on the implementing plan, said the statement.
Thanking the donor organizations for their share, the CE hoped Afghanistan could handle the financing of the food safety and security program by the end of 2020, said the statement. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.