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CE chairs ‘executive committee on private sector development’

د خصوصي سکتور د پیاوړتیا اجرایوي کمېټې ناسته وکړه

KABUL: Chaired by chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the meeting of executive committee on private sector development was held yesterday at Sapidar palace.
In the session, the country’s chief executive by considering the works of the committee as effective said that particular goals have been set this year for the committee, asking all relevant institutions to seriously work this year to reach the goals.
Afterwards, officials for Da Afghanistan Bank briefed related to MoU signed with ATRA and training course to be launched for commercial courts’ judges and advocates. According to the briefing, the course will be attended by 150 judges, 150 prosecutors, 45 employees of the ministry of justice and 75 employees of the ministry of interior.The session also discussed increasing of exports and balance in trade, asking all national traders to make use of a new format for exports in accordance to the country’s national exports strategy. Meanwhile, representatives of a number of institutions considered insecurity as main problems ahead of investment and banking in the country. The country’s chief executive said that all relevant institutions should jointly work in this regard and report their work to economic meeting, stressed that all government and non-government institutions should increase coordination to address problems facing private sector in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.