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Cattle vaccination drive to prevent animal disease launched in Afghanistan

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Afghanistan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock has informed of launching cattle vaccination drive to prevent from animal diseases across the country.
Officials for the ministry have said that during the period considered for the drive, more than six million domestic animals will be received vaccine to prevent from brucellosis and foot – and-mouth diseases. Afghanistan is a country where most residents are engaged in livestock; therefore, it is necessary that cattle and domestic animals should be vaccinated every year.
Matin, a resident of Badghis’ Mugqor district, says most residents of the province are farmers and raise cattle. He said the high price and lack of vaccine has caused increasing animal diseases, saying that sometimes got the diseases in the province.
“If cattle are not vaccinated on time, they will be perished and will cause big economical loss to livestock owners and farmers. On the other hand, there are increasing diseases that can easily transmitted to cattle and sheep, causing that human receives and loses their lives,” Matin said.
Marjan, another livestock owner of the country, says it is necessary that all cattle and sheep should be vaccinated. He said that brucellosis was a common animal disease transmitting easily to human beings, asking the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock to implement the vaccination drive across the country.
This comes after the country’s ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock informs of starting the vaccination drive across the country. The ministry says it is determined that more than six million doses of vaccines will be implemented on cows and sheep across the country.
According to officials for the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, in the first phase of the drive, more than 2.1 million doses will be implemented on cattle to prevent from the ‘foot-and-mouth’ and brucellosis animal diseases. More than 1.7 million doses of the brucellosis vaccine will be implemented on sheep across the country, while more than 282,000 doses of the brucellosis and 150,000 doses of the ‘foot-and-mouth’ vaccine will be injected to cows in nine provinces of the country.
The Deputy Minister said the vaccination would be implemented within the timeframe of one month on female goats and sheep between three to six months old and female calf of three to ten months old. He said six million doses of the vaccine would be enough for the cattle with above characteristics.
Amiri added that similar programs which cost around 35m AFG to be implemented each year.
According to the deputy minister, there are 30 million livestock in Afghanistan and the overall value of dairy products of the country reach $2.2m, adding the value of these products would double with the implementation of these two vaccines.
Director of Animal health at the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, Sayed Mukhtar Mohsini said same vaccination drive had been launched in 2009 and was continued for two years but then stopped due to lack of budget. It is worth mentioning that Afghanistan ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock implements the brucellosis and the foot-and-mouth and other vaccines on animal and cattle to prevent from animal diseases across the country every year.



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