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‘Capital security requires urgent attention’


Reporting on reduction of criminal and organized crimes, the MoI has announced that it has launched vast efforts to trap criminals, dismantle crimes’ circles in capital cities including Kabul and at least reduce organized and non-organized crimes if not eliminate them.
Despite of all these efforts, assassination of a woman on last Saturday in PD 8, Kabul in day light indicate deteriorating security situation of the capital city.
She was media activist and cultural advisor of the House, Mina Mangal who was shot dead by unidentified armedmen.
This event was ever a unique incident in Kabul. But prior to this, similar incidents have victimized the people in different parts of the city.
Since the beginning of 1398 solar year, this was one of the serial killings of capital inhabitants that was released on media. Few days ago, a women was killed by her sons and husband in Chehelsotoon area, Kabul.
Prior to these, inhabitants of capital city had been witnessing serial killings of two young boys in Wazir Akbar Khan, PD-13 as well as murder of innocent Mahsa in PD-11.
Beside these, capital residents complain on increasing criminal cases and disturbing order and security for example, residents of PD-18 complain that criminals and cads in this area have negated public order and security and particularly during nights they cannot live in a peaceful atmosphere and shortly after advent of evening walking out of door on the streets is potentially riskful.
People believe that security of capital Kabul has been deteriorated beyond imagination in recent days.
Organized crimes including armed robberies, theft, kidnapping, taking hostage and purposeful assassinations of traders or their relatives have fearfully increased. We should take as a good omen efforts of MoI for trapping of criminals and law breakers and dismantling of their networks and their endeavors should be appreciated. The capital inhabitants expect full eradication of all crimes. Because these crimes and criminal activities threaten the people peaceful life more than terrorists.
Capital holders take out their investments and settle in foreign countries fearing of kidnaping of their family members and relatives. Due to insecurity the rate of investments have remarkably decreased.
People expect visible results of promised MoI measures.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.