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Canadian Embassy in Kabul assists four Afghan NGOs

The Canadian embassy has announced that for improving activities of some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Kabul and other provinces, has provided cash aids.

Economist Sher Ali Tazri in an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on donors’ aids in different fields for Afghan people said, no doubt every aid to Afghan people would not be void of benefit but on the condition that these aids be invested for removal of people problems specially in education and women empowering sectors, because in the last 15 years plenty of aids have taken place for women but substantial improvement has not appeared in women life particularly rural women. We expect these aids would cause change for them.

Nadera a student said, today, majority of girls are living in villages and are deprived of education. I hope these aids would pave the  way of education for rural women and girls.

She adds, a number of NGOs in Afghanistan receive huge amounts but spend them for unnecessary cases like offices’ decoration and purchasing of modern cars and thus bring no positive change in women life. I hope these aids would be invested for promotion and capacity building of women.

Canadian ambassador in Kabul Francois Rivest said, the available contribution have been distributed under the program of “Maple Ball” this year to four Afghan NGOs who are working for drug addicts, girls and boys education and providing shelter for deserving people.

The Canadian embassy has said that aids collection program for Afghan NGOs is separate from official framework staff and some enthusiast individuals take part in it.

First secretary of Canadian embassy Fochana Mike said, this year’s contribution has been paid to Camp Mother, Women for Afghan women, Young Family and the organization who is involved in education of girls.

Camp Mother has been managed by Laila Haideri a civil activist in Kabul which provides more aids to Afghan drug addicts, their treatment and reintegration to normal life.

Women for Afghan women organization provides shelter for women and children at risk.

The Youth family provides medical services in poors’ areas particularly for women and children and the last NGO has covered about 400 girls and supplies education, have received the aids.

Aids collection program was started five years before in Canadian embassy. So far, a number of NGOs who managed to provide visible services to deserving people have been benefited from these aids in the last five years. A number of organizations and NGOs have been accused for misappropriation of international aids but these four NGOs achieved remarkable results. The Canadian embassy has added that their main objectives are improving of Afghans living condition particularly empowerment of women, education of girls and support of needy families and they are committed to continue similar aids in the future too.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.