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Calling for so-called caretaker government having no legal basis

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A number of presidential candidates by considering 22nd April as end day of national unity government has called for a so-called caretaker government, which has no legal basis.
Nevertheless, presidential office has rejected the proposition of presidential candidates council in connection with resignation of the national unity government and creation of a so-called caretaker government and called it as extra-constitutional.
A spokesperson to Presidential Office Haroon Chakhansuri told the media that it was the Supreme Court that could interpret the laws of the country, so any disagreements with the work of the country’s President prior to the elections were illegal.
“With all due respect to the views expressed by a number of presidential candidates, the Supreme Court is the highest authority to interpret the laws of the country; no group or individual can interpret the law to their liking,” Chakhansuri said.
Chakhansuri says any demand such as calling for the so-called caretaker government is extra-constitutional, and the government, as the guardian of the constitution, opposes such propositions. The proposed mechanisms by a number of presidential candidates have no legal basis.
Following protest of a number of presidential candidates in connection with creation of a so-called caretaker government, Afghan experts believe that in current circumstances, national unity government should continue its work until holding the presidential elections as creation of a so-called caretaker government will result instability and political crisis in the country.
“Those calling for ending the national unity government after the 22nd April should know that efforts for creation of a so-called caretaker government will cause political crisis in the country,” said Jamal Farahmand, an Afghan political expert.
He stressed experiences have shown previous presidential elections had been postponed and Hamid Karzai continued his presidency based on decision of the Supreme Court of the country.
Week ago, the Supreme Court of Afghanistan in a statement has approved the extension of President Ashraf Ghani’s tenure until the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for September 28. 
“In line with the provision of the law and with the consideration of the situation of the country and based on the jurisprudential rules, the tenure of the president and his deputies is endorsed until the presidential elections,” the Supreme Court said in the statement.
Meanwhile, the issue of timely holding the presidential elections has been debated in both national and international level and the country’s partners have also asked for timely and transparent presidential elections in the country.
In her visit to Kabul, US State Department Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Alice Wells in meeting with leaders of national unity government stressed once again on timely holding Afghanistan presidential elections, assuring of her country’s commitment to helping a transparent and credible elections.
Suraya Raiszada 

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