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Business centers and fuel stations should adopt fire extinguishing safety measures

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By: Shukria Kohistani

The joint committee of fire prevention warns that if owners of business centers and fuel stations don’t observe procedures and security measures for preventing of fire, would be introduced to A.G.O.
Talking at a news conference, Deputy Minister for Policy and coordination at the Ministry of State for Disaster Management Mohammad Qasem Haidari said, “Previous experiences of fire show that most of these fires take place in winter. The Fire Fighting Department had already announced that, fires in the last one year have left about Afs 245 million damages. A group of 20 people has been working for pathology of business centers and fuel stations in Kabul and has assessed 246 fuel stations and over 2000 business centers during the last one year.
Haidari added that the results of their survey show that 60 pc of fuel stations lack anti-fire safety measures and only 40 pc enjoying standard safety measures.
Assessment of business and residential complexes show that no emergency anti-fire safety measures, have been installed in these centers.
Haidari said that prior to this as a result of technical assessment, some owners of business centers and fuel stations were fined due to non-observing of safety procedures. Hereafter, those traders and businessmen who don’t observe anti fire safety measures, they would be prosecuted and introduced to A.G.O.
Haidari clarified that the goal behind implementation of emergency anti-fire safety measure is protection of people life.
According to Haidari, the Joint committee of Emergency Anti-fire Safety measures that consists of government and NGO since one year of its establishment has prepared a draft on compensation of damages of fire incidents in business centers and sent it to presidential office.
In their conversations with The Kabul Times, Kabul residents said, “Unfortunately in Afghanistan we have been witnessing many fires in business centers in recent years that happened due to different reasons in Inns, shops, markets, fuel stations and Kabul Fire Brigade failed to extinguish it in many hours and fire inflicted multi-million dollars damages to people.
Emergency anti-fire safety measures, secure life and properties.
Hussein a resident of Kabul said in a fire occurred in Zadran Business Center not only clothes shop but several other shops were burnt and all their commodities devastated. We failed to pay our debts. Reconstruction of the center is underway. I hope the owner of the center would install emergency anti-fire extinguisher, after rebuilding.
In the last recent years several devastating fires happened in Kabul in various business centers and inflicted incompressible damages to people.

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