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Budget of local polices force should be spent on ANDSF, experts


By: Suraya Raiszada

Afghanistan Ministry of Defense has recently declared that it will soon start the integration process of local police force in the country. a number of Afghan military experts while welcoming the recent declaration of the country’s defense ministry for integration of local police force say the government should spend the budget allocation for local police force on the country’s national defense and security forces.
According to Afghan military experts, plan for creation of local police in Afghanistan has been brought from Iraq by coalition forces.
Afghanistan parliament’s internal security commission says Afghan local police is the most effective force that can keep both independency and resistance and has high moral against the enemy.
“Presence of such a force has been effective and helped maintain parts of the country, but in some extent the force has caused harassment of local people too,” said Mirdad Nijrabi, a member of parliament’s internal security commission.
He said that local police force has been effective in prevention of infiltration of the enemy in parts of their areas as their information and acquaintance from the area as well as cooperation of people with them have been all effective.
Salih Ihsas, another Afghan military expert says, if salary and concessions of local police force are now spent on the country’s national defense and security forces, undoubtedly the country’s ANDSF will be further strengthened against the enemy.
Previously, Afghan National Civil Order Police force, border police and traffic police have been separated from the ministry of interior, which has been by problems and challenges.
It is determined that the process will cover nearly 24,000 local police and this number of police will soon join the country’s national army, but a number of the force not meeting accepted requirement and standards in ANA and ANP will be fired with a one-month salary.
According to deputy spokesperson to the country’s defense ministry, Afghan local police will be absorbed in framework of ANA regional force in their areas.
“In first step, Afghan local police should meet requirements for joining ANA regional force and later on receive further military trainings provided by ANA,” said Fawad Aman, deputy spokesperson to ministry of defense.
Meanwhile, former inspection chief for ministry of interior Gen. Saboor Nasrati says the idea of creation of local police is based on current need and is a temporary plan and when security is maintained in Afghanistan, the force should be disarmed and go back to normal life.
“Both ministries of defense and interior should first adopt all necessary measures before evacuation of the areas where presence of local police force is considerable to prevent from Taliban presence,” Gen. Saboor added.
It is believed that Afghanistan government should pay further attention to professionalism of national police force as there are a range of complaints about local police in general.
Plan for integration of Afghan local force has come at a time when Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have reached self-sufficiency as most of military operations are now led and managed by ANDSF.

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