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Bringing peace one of president working priorities

Ghani nangarhar

Now, the approach of Afghans, US authorities is concentrated more on peace with Taliban and the only way of solution of conflict in Afghanistan is peace negotiation with Taliban that is placed the working priority of the president.

But, the problem is this that how Taliban become ready to sit in a negotiation table.

Pressures on Taliban to respond to peace proposal of the president of Afghanistan in the connection is increasing.

The US deputy assistant secretary of state for south and central Asia, Alice Wells in a briefing with journalists the day before yesterday in Kabul said that she believes it is unacceptable Taliban not to become ready for talks.

According to this senior official of the US secretary of state who is working in affairs of Afghanistan, now obviously says that Taliban leaders are preventing the political solution of war in Afghanistan. They don’t live inside Afghanistan.

Taliban who were fallen down by the US forces in 2001, and are fighting for ruling Islamic Sharia according to their opinion, after three day ceasefire, they refuted the demand of president Ghani for performing of peace negotiation.

The US Wells added that the scenes of ceasefire during Eid-days showed that in Afghanistan peace is supporting vastly.

According to her, the support of peace not only by the people of Afghanistan but by Taliban commanders and their insurgents that we were witnessing was extra-ordinary.

Following the extending of ceasefire after Eid-days and his emphasize on proposal for beginning peace negotiations, the president instructed security forces to resume their offensive operations against Taliban. This authorities of the US believe that the proposal of the US for peace negotiation and discussion on the future of international forces in Afghanistan removes any explanation for the refusal of negotiation between Taliban and government of Afghanistan. Really, this removes all disagreements that Taliban reasoning for their contribution in peace negotiation with government of Afghanistan.

The neighboring countries can play vital role in promotion of peace process of Afghanistan. But Pakistan didn’t adopt sufficient measure in the connection. So far, we are not the witnessing of continued and decisive measure of Islamabad and it is the issue that we are endeavoring for.

Afghanistan accuses Pakistan for enforcing of Taliban via providing assistance as well as secure hideouts.

In fact, with providing shelter for Taliban leaders, Islamabad hosting the enemies of the people of Afghanistan and supporting militarily the military forces of Taliban and then dispatch them to the soil of Afghanistan to fight against the security forces of this country.

Wells added that her country supports the political system in Afghanistan and recognizes it. Beside this, the US regards the enemy of Afghanistan as its own enemy and committed to international community to fight terrorism. But in fact, it is Pakistan that practically in various methods resorts to destruction of Afghanistan.

If Pakistan refrain from supporting Taliban and as a whole from supporting of all opponents and doesn’t shelter them terroristically and financially, monetary and military possibilities and even forbids from their entrance into its fiefdom, then how they build shelter in Pakistan?

It is mentionable that the US deputy assistant secretary of state for south and central Asia, Alice  Wells also meets the authorities of Pakistan.

The US can exert necessary pressure on Pakistan so that the latter to refrain from supporting terrorists and force Taliban for joining  peace and negotiation.

If the government opponents attend independently in this negotiation the process  would have positive consequences behind with the presence of Taliban in negotiation table, it is necessary the plan of ceasefire be setforth immediately and countrywide in the country. This factor is as serious and first condition for reaching to a positive result.

Lailuma Noori

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