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Bringing changes in govt. positions routine action, top security officials


Following introducing Gen. Abdul Raqeeb as Balkh police chief, tensions have risenin that province, during which a number of citizens have been killed and injured.
To tackle the tensions, acting ministers of defense and interior went to that province. They said that bringing changes in the government’s positions was a routineaction.
“Bringing changes in the government particularly in security entities takes place to improve security situation and this is not related to political issues,” acting minister of defense Asadullah Khalid said.
Expressing concern on ongoing situation in Balkh province, acting minister of interior Massoud Andarabi said bringing changes was an administrative principal and the governments use this to improve work process and facilitate services.
After fueling tensions among the security forces and supporters of former Balkh governor Atta Mohammad Noor, UNAMA asked the involved sides to put aside the tensions and make effort to solve them through peaceful way.
Balkh resident’s security and safety should be prioritized, because, no tension among them is acceptable and civilians should be protected, UNAMA twitted.
Besides, the US Embassy while expressing concern about the issue stressed that the security forces are responsible to protect the civilians not to be used on political disputes.
A number of presidential elections’ runners ask the involved sides to prevent any military clashes that will result in killing and injuring civilians.
Any tension and conflict can be a good opportunity for the enemy, thus, Balkh situation should be controlled, lawmakers said.
A lawmaker Mohammad Abduh asks the government to control security situation in Balkh province, he stresses that irresponsible gunmen should be disarmed by security entities or they will disturb the security.
The government, particularly the security entities are responsible to control Balkh situation, thus, they should use any possible mean to ensure security and create order in that province, a political expert Nawid Elham said
He stressed that seventeen years have been passed, but unfortunately, still presence of irresponsible gunmen creates tension among the people, thus, the government should step up in this regard so no one can stand against civilians any longer.
Following introducing Balkh new police chief, the province’s former governor Atta Mohammad Noor asked his supporters not to allow him assume office, a move which resulted in clashes between the security forces and irresponsible gunmen, during which many people have been killed or injured.

Suraya Raiszada

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