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‘Bright future is awaiting Afghan women, First Lady

Rual Ghani

KABUL: In a message, First Lady Rola Ghani while congratulating March 8, ‘International Women’s Day’ hoped peace, security and tranquility are ensured throughout the country. When the government of Afghanistan asked for an unconditional peace with insurgents and when a 3-day truce was declared during the last Eid-ul-Fitr, the people could happily spend their Eid days, the message further said.
But, there is a question that where will be the women position in peace talks, a question that should have been asked from women whom have made sacrifices over the last four decades, the message added.
Therefore, a group of women from different organs gathered together and held a gathering titled ‘We want peace, stop war!’.
They have held the first gathering in Amani High School attended by 1500 women, during which they have issued their demands within a declaration. Following the gathering, the women decided to visit the provinces and ask the women views on peace process. Despite dangers and security threats, an executive committee of work team traveled to 33 provinces and asked three questions, what is peace for these women? What are the factors behind war? And what are the solutions?
The views were different, some of them don’t want their sons’ corpses to be brought to them,some others were hoping the employment and higher education ground to be prepared for their children and the rest were asking for rule of law.
After taking views of 15000 women, decision taken to hold a larger gathering titles “We Want Peace, Stop War!’ in Loya Jirga Tent. A historical gathering of 3500 Afghan women in ‘Afghanistan’s Women National Consensus’ program held on Hoot 9, 1397, during which, based on a 15-article declaration,the women stated their demands from the government of Afghanistan, international community and insurgents. It is worth mentioning that over the last eighteen years, the women have been isolated due to political problems, but today, they enjoy power and capacities in social and political aspects, the message stated. Today, the Afghan women want to raise their voice in peace talks and represent themselves in all national and international conferences.
“I am proud of Afghan brave women and assure a bright future is awaiting them,” First Lady Rola Ghani said in a message. At the end, once again, she congratulated ‘International Women’s Day’ to entire world women particularly Afghan brave women and hoped this day to be marked in peaceful environment in the future, the message concluded.
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