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Brief look to consequences of peace & conflict in Afghanistan

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Afghan Taliban militants stand with residents as they took to the street to celebrate ceasefire on the second day of Eid in the outskirts of Jalalabad on June 16,2018. - Taliban fighters and Afghan security forces hugged and took selfies with each other in restive eastern Afghanistan on June 16, as an unprecedented ceasefire in the war-torn country held for the second day of Eid. (Photo by NOORULLAH SHIRZADA / AFP) (Photo credit should read NOORULLAH SHIRZADA/AFP/Getty Images)

By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan has been facing with insecurity and tension for the past few decades. Currently, one of the most significant and debatable issues is to bring a dignified peace and stability to the country.
Afghanistan has experienced continued war and challenges for the past four decades and the most interesting is that the country has accepted presence of the coalition forces led by US to be in peace and security for nearly two decades.
For nearly 20 years, coalition forces led by the United States have been present in Afghanistan to maintain security, but Afghans are still living with increasing challenges and problems caused by increasing insecurities and killing.
The people of Afghanistan have been facing with destructive wars and experienced deadly dispute and crisis for the past four decades. They have suffered psychological and mental harms during the period. Particularly, children, women and aged people have suffered a lot. During the period, millions of people have been killed and wounded and millions of others have left their country for other neighboring and EU countries.
The consequences of the continued war and disputes in the country have been nothing except disappointment and misery. Therefore, the people of Afghanistan have reached to a conclusion that the consequence of this continued war is merely destruction and nothing else. The people of Afghanistan are tired of continued war in their country. It is time to end the war and pave the way for political settlement of the ongoing dispute in the country.
Peace is the desire of each citizen living in Afghanistan. There is no doubt in ending the continued war in the country. But, what kind of peace? If peace is against values and general freedoms of individuals in our society, if it is against the country’s constitution, it won’t have legitimacy and won’t be accepted by Afghans at all.
All the people of Afghanistan want the ongoing war and violence to be ended forever. Peace should be maintained across the country as peace can guarantee all values of human rights in the society. It should be maintained as a result of efforts of all tribes in consideration to national interests.
Lasting and maintaining such peace needs strong management in peace talks with the Taliban group.
All issues should be discussed seriously in talks with the group. The Afghan-led peace effort can bring all expectations of the people true.
If peace lacks human and legal norms, it will have no place in public thoughts and society and won’t be accepted by the people of this land. All expectations of the people in connection with bringing peace to the country are to live in peaceful environment.
On the other hand, increasing insecurities and lack of peace in the country will bring more violence to the country. Now, it is time to join hands to each other to work for peace and stability in the country.

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