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Bolstering peace process; only option to prevent civilian casualties in Afghanistan


Increasing civilian casualties is considered as the most serious concern of the government and people and despite of efforts being made by the government towards preventing civilian casualties in the country, unfortunately in most recent incident a number of Afghan civilians including women and children have been killed in an air strike in Kunduz’s Chahrdara district.
According to Kunduz local officials, as a result of the air strike, 14 members of two families including women and children have been killed and a government delegation from Kabul has arrived in Kunduz to do the investigation and shared result of the investigation with central government.
Meanwhile, UN officials to Kabul by expressing serious concern over increasing of civilian casualties during clashes in the country particularly in Kunduz said: “During the first six months of the current year, 1692 civilians have been killed, 3430 others wounded and the death toll of Afghan civilians has unprecedentedly jumped comparing to 2009.”
In recent years, civilian casualties has changed to one of the most serious concern of the government and people. Civil society organizations and lawmakers by considering safety of civilians as key responsibilities of security organs are asking the government to put safety of the life of Afghan civilians in top priority.
“One of the most principal debates is the protection of civilians, but unfortunately no attention is paid to the issue and the government also has no particular program for security of its citizens; therefore, security policies should be clarified in Afghanistan and serious steps should be taken towards prevention of civilian casualties in the country,” Aziz Rafiyee, head of Afghanistan Civil Society Association told The Kabul Times.
He asked all sides involving in ongoing war in the country not to use civilians as human shield as well as misuse of civilians for their political goals.
Meanwhile, a number of media experts have also expressed their concern over increasing of Afghan civilian casualties in the country and considered ending of the ongoing war and acceleration of peace process as one of mechanism that could help prevent from civilian casualties and guarantee their life.
“Afghanistan government is responsible for maintaining better security for its citizens as well as responsible for creating trust and protection of the life of people in the country,” head of Nai Mujib Khelwatgar said.
He stressed that close cooperation of the people with the government in particular ANDSF could help maintain security in the country as life of civilian could be guaranteed with cooperation of the people.
On the other hand, head of Afghanistan Women Association Fatana Gilani while considering ending of war and acceleration of peace talks as one of key ways for protection of life of civilians said the people of Afghanistan have witnessed deadly incidents for the past three decades and most of victims of the incidents have been civilians.
She added that Afghanistan government should make further effort towards ending the ongoing war in the country by accelerating peace talks with armed insurgent group.
Now it is time to work on a mechanism that can help reduce civilian casualties during armed clashes between ANDSF and armed insurgent groups in the country.

Suraya Raiszada

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