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BNA, Xinhua to sign MoU on news sharing

۴قوس ملا قا ت معین نشراتی با مسول خبر گزاری شیهوا در کابل ع محمود شاه 1

KABUL: Deputy Minister of Publication Affairs for Ministry of Information and Culture, Fazel Sancharaki in a meeting with Xinhua Chief Bureau of Afghanistan Dai He here on Sunday, hinted at bilateral cooperation between Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) and the Chinese state-run agency.
Pointing to historical and cultural ties between the two countries, Sancharaki said the relation has further been bolstered in the last seventeen years, adding BNA was enjoying 80 years of history as the first state-run news agency in Afghanistan.
Hinting at technical support for BNA, the deputy minister asked Xinhua’s cooperation in areas of capacity building, training program in Afghanistan and China as well as digitalization of the agency’s archive. Chief bureau of Xinhua in Kabul said would share the requests with the headquarter, saying his agency was ready to cooperate with BNA.
Meanwhile BNA director Khalil Minawi said his agency was looking forward to enhancing cooperation with Xinhua.
A Xinhua delegation of People’s Republic of China to visit Kabul next month to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bakhtar News Agency of Afghanistan.
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