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Billboards, posters of parliamentary candidates new challenge to people


By staring election campaigns of parliamentary candidates, installation of billboards and posters with photos of candidates has created big problems for the people as well as districts of Kabul municipality.
A number of citizens in interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent say parliamentary candidates by repeatedly installation of billboards and posters on walls, squares, containers, doors and walls of shops, mosques, schools and residential houses has changed the view of the city and polluted streets, roads and pavements.
“From early morning of Friday, installation of posters and billboards with photos of parliamentary candidates and their slogans started in Kabul city, but unfortunately their posters and photos were mostly glued everywhere which is against the rule of municipality,” a university student Haroon said.
He asked Kabul municipality to pay attention in this regard, or the city will be polluted and will create big problem to the people.
Another resident of Kabul Humaira by criticizing parliamentary candidates says unfortunately nobody is kind to Kabul city as installation of posters and billboards with photos of parliamentary candidates has changed the view of the city and fully polluted the city’s streets and sidewalks.
A number of Kabul residents asked parliamentary candidates to hire individuals not to install billboards and posters with photos of candidates on walls and doors of schools, mosques and private residential houses, instead they glue and install their posters and photos on places which had been already set by Kabul municipality.
Meanwhile, officials to Kabul municipality have also asked the candidates to install their posters and billboards on proper locations rather than doors and walls of schools, mosques, shops and residential houses.
“Based on procedure of Kabul municipality, parliamentary candidates can make use of billboards in various parts of the city where the posters and billboards do not create problems to people and traffic and avoid gluing posters with their photos on walls,” deputy of cultural services for Kabul municipality Shahpoor Sadaqat said.
He added that parliamentary candidates violated the procedure, Kabul municipality in cooperation with Independent Election Commission would legally punish them.
A spokesperson to IEC Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi said that parliamentary candidates should observe election campaigns’ procedure.
According to IEC, prevention from creating obstacles, intrusion of candidates against each other, not using of government possibilities, prevention from tribal, religious and section differentiations and observing financial expenses are key items which should be observed during election campaigns.

Shukria Kohistani

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