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Beekeeping flourishing in Badakhshan

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According to Badakhshan provincial department of agriculture and irrigation, production of domestic honey and beekeeping farms increasing in this province and as a result employment opportunity have been created to a number of unemployed people.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Abdul Hakim Ahmadi who has been involved in this business for two years, said, he has established a beekeeping farm and producesover 200 kg honey every year.
According to him, his products depend up on season of the year. If there are sufficient rains and cause the flowers and herbs to grow, he would collect more honey. “Every year we increase our beehives and collect 42-43 kg honey from each beehive.”
Ahmadi added:”I am satisfied with my business but asking Badakhshan department of agriculture and irrigation to support us in marketing of my products as well as supply of technical equipment.”
Enayatullah another beekeeper said, local relevant authorities should prevent imports of unnatural honey from other provinces into Badakhshan which are sold in the name of pure and natural honey in local markets.
At present a number of individuals are involved in beekeeping and support their families through this sector.
Ainuddin another beekeeper in Baharak district in an interview with The Kabul Times reporter said, for six years, he has been involved in my private beekeeping project. “I am satisfied with my occupation and manage to tackle my economic problems.”
The officials of Badakhshan department of agriculture and irrigation said that due to its high quality, Badakhshan honey enjoysremarkable popularity in Afghanistan domestic markets.
The head of Badakhshan department of agriculture and irrigation Eng. Mohammad Alem Alemi said, beekeeping business has quickly developed and flourished in Baharak, Jorm, Wardooj, Shohada, Tagab and Keshm districts in which fruits and flowers are available in plenty and due to high quality, their honey has special reputation in domestic markets.
“Different kinds of plants and flowers are growing here and at present one kg pure honey is supplied against Afs 500,” he added.
Masouda Qarizada

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