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Bank registers over four million jerib of govt lands

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By: Ali Ahmad

The Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) has surveyed and registered over 4000000 Jerib government lands in Land Bank.
Surveying and registration of government lands and public properties was started in March 2018 in 28 provinces, 15 months earlier. The total objectives of this program were identifying and fixing of government lands, preventing usurpation of government lands, distribution of land for deserving individuals and implementation of public utility projects.
Spokesman of the MoUD Hashmatullah Nasery said, work on survey and registration of government lands was started on mid 1396 with creation of Land Bank and employment of 119 experts in 28 provinces but practical survey and registration of government land was started in March 2018 and so far over four million jerib land have been surveyed in these areas. He added, simultaneous with survey and registration of these lands work on exploitation of those lands has also been continued as 18000 jerib government lands allocated for implementation of 94 development projects to applicant administration following surveying and registration with the Land Bank.
According to Nasery, over 12500 Jerib land and registered government lands were distributed for 16500 repatriated and IDPs families in Kabul, Nangarhar and Herat provinces.
Expressing pleasure on the result of their 15 months work, Nasery said that in 1397 the presidential authority had set up a target of survey and registration of two million jerib land in 1397 and despite of intensified process of lands surveying and registration, this would be a time consuming program. He expressed hope that this program would be completed in few years, government and public properties would be safe and be used for proper goals.
The MoUD said that there is no humanitarian or technical problem for survey and registration and at present the only problem is security threats in some areas. This program would enable the government to better implement its public utility and development projects and would be effective in preventing of usurpation of government and public lands and attraction of investors.
At present about 1.6 million jerib government lands are under usurpation and MoUD has managed to rescue 500000 jerib government lands from local usurpers in Kabul, Kandahar and Herat. No government lands were usurped in Kunduz, Nooristan, Dykondi and Panjsher provinces. 18823 people were accused for usurpation of government lands out of which 15131 people were introduced to A.G.O.

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