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Bamyan Valley should be protected, Minister Zuhair

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KABUL: Acting Minister of Information and Culture Mohammad Tahir Zuhair in a meeting held on the occasion of 20th anniversary of destruction of Buddha statues in Bamyan, stressed the Bamyan Valley, registered as a cultural site by UNESCO, should be protected.
Addressing webinar, acting minister of information and culture called destruction of the Buddha statues as the biggest cultural crime of the century; therefore, asked similar programs should be held in all provinces of the country to condemn it. Acting minister of information and culture asked the local government to file a case for the biggest crime on the occasion of 20th destruction anniversary of the statues so that it was submitted to international legal organizations and followed through MoIC with the support of the country’s President.
“Bamyan valley is registered as a cultural site in UNESCO, but some mafia efforts by using tribal, ethnic and religious tools could construct markets and trade towers, which is a crime as this is resulting in destruction of the cultural site,” Zuhair said, asking the local government that the cultural site should be fully protected based on instruction of the country’s President.
Acting minister of information and culture also asked UNESCO to start work on consolidation of Bamyan’s statues in early April of the current year. Afterwards, governor of Bamyan Sayd Anwar Rahmati and a number of the provincial officials and cultural figures spoke and considered destruction of the statues as historic crime.

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