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Balkh to remain as an example of national and religious consensus, President Ghani

جمهوررئیس غني د بلخ علماو سره په کتنه کې لخ ولایت به د ملي او مذهبي وفاق د الګو په توګه پاتې شي
President Ghani meeting a number of religious scholars in Balkh province

BALKH/KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, during his second day of visit to the country’s northern province of Balkh, met with a number of religious scholars who praised his peace and infrastructural plans.
They asked the president for paying attention to the Ulema’s role in the government structure, a statement from the presidential press office said Saturday. The president thanked Ulema for their joint fatwa questioning the Taliban war plan against the government, the statement said.
“Gap between the government and Ulema has been removed and the religious scholars have come from margin to the focus,” said the president.
He added: “Balkh province would remain as an example of national and religious consensus,” as said Hazara and Shia is attack on the president. The president said the entire mosques would be constructed based on special architectural style and that right now work on 20 mosques are going on in various provinces. The country’s president assured that Ulema presence would be taken in mind in insuring security and government structure, the statement added.
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