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“Balanced distribution of land, the right of people upon government,” President Ghani

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President Ghani inaugurating Bagrami Textile Mill and Sayed Noor Mohammad Shah roads

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, during a ceremony inaugurating Bagrami Textile Mill and Sayed Noor Mohammad Shah roads, said in cooperation with the people he would put an end to usurpation and use of force and try his best to ‘turn the current Kabul into the Kabul of the Baburshah’s era,’ The Presidential Press Office said in a statement Sunday.
The president after hearing suggestions from Abdullah Habibzai, the Acting Kabul Mayor and some other participants about the improvement and submission of Kabul Metro-Bus bidding documents and construction of bus-stations and other facilities to the procurements, the president said running such projects will not be the government special gift, but they are the right of the people on the government.
“We would create an accountable system and service provide for the people,” said the president thanking all Kabulis for protecting their city.
He said usurpers and powerful individuals would never be accepted and that support to usurpation and use of forces should be put an end.
Only the people of Afghanistan have helped jihad get success, they tolerated the hardships of migration and defending their country, so a balanced distribution of land is not the rights of the usurpers but the right of the people, security and defense forces and the families of the armed forces’ martyrs, said the president the evidences of the usurpers were fake and fabricated.
The president also pledged to ‘turn Kabul into the Kabul of the Babur Shah era on which people would sing poems, the statement quoted.
Kabul needs a balanced development and the areas remained with no attention will hence after be considered as top priority, the president emphasized.
He said west of Kabul was the future of Kabul so, attention would be paid on its development.
“We would jointly renew our commitment in the field of ensuring the constitution and justice and in cooperation with the people would prevent those staying against the law,” the president assured.
The president instructed the organs concerned to create a wide graveyard, build girl school and a 40 meter long bridge in the Bagrami Textile Mill district.
The president added that the government has in mind to manage the Kabul River and establish a recreational park for the Kabul citizens around the areas between Pul-e-Mahmoud Khan and Tangi Gharo.
President once again pointed to peace restoration in the country and said people hugged with the Taliban during the Eid days showing they were willing brotherhood.
“We would reach a lasting peace, as we have move forward and a national concensus has come on peace at the regional and international level, and in cooperation with the people would reach a lasting peace as the great people of Afghanistan has the culture of toleration and Afghanistan is a common home of the Afghans,” said the president.
At the end of the ceremony, the people of eastern zone granted the president a certificate of appreciation.
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